A Californian Soul – My Heart is Bleeding

Around 1997, a man and a woman in California, who were living together in a life of sin, had a profound conversion through Divine Mercy. The wife had been prompted interiorly to start a rosary group after experiencing her first Divine Mercy novena. Seven months later, a statue of Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart in their home began to weep oil profusely (later, other sacred statues and images began oozing fragrant oil while a crucifix and statue of St. Pio bled. One of those images is now hanging in the Marian Center located at the Divine Mercy Shrine in Massachusetts. Because these images began to attract many people to their home in the beginning, their spiritual director agreed that they remain anonymous). This miracle led them to repent of their living situation and enter a sacramental marriage.

About six years later, the man began audibly hearing the voice of Jesus (what are called “locutions”). He had next to no catechesis or understanding of the Catholic Faith, so the voice of Jesus both alarmed and entranced him. Even though some of the Lord’s words were of warning, he described Jesus’ voice as always beautiful and gentle. He also received a visitation from St. Pio and locutions from St. Thérèse de Lisieux, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Michael the Archangel and dozens of locutions from Our Lady while in front of the Blessed Sacrament. After conveying two years of messages and secrets (known only to this man and to be announced at a future time known only to the Lord) the locutions stopped. Jesus told the man, “I will cease speaking to you now, but My Mother will continue to lead you.” The couple felt called to start a cenacle of the Marian Movement of Priests where they would meditate on the messages of Our Lady to Fr. Stefano Gobbi . It was two years into these cenacles that the words of Jesus came true: Our Lady began to lead him, but in the most remarkable way. During the cenacles, and on other occasions, this man would see “in the air” in front of him the numbers of messages from the so-called “Blue Book,” the collection of the revelations Our Lady gave to Fr. Stefano Gobbi , “To the Priests Our Lady’s Beloved Sons.” Both the husband and wife suffer greatly for their ministry, but continually offer it to the Lord for the salvation of souls. It is noteworthy that this man does not read the Blue Book to this day (as his education is very limited and he has a reading disability). Over the years, these numbers that materialized would confirm on countless occasions the spontaneous conversations in their cenacles, and now today, the events taking place around the world. Fr. Gobbi’s messages did not fail but are now finding their fulfillment in real-time.

On September 6th, 2020, this Californian soul “saw” the number 332 from the Blue Book, a message originally given to Fr. Stefano Gobbi on September 6th, 1986 on the Anniversary of the “miracle of the tears”:


My Heart is bleeding

I am your most sorrowful Mother. Again today, I am causing copious tears to fall from my merciful eyes. They want to make you understand how great the sorrow of the Immaculate Heart of your Heavenly Mother is. My Heart is bleeding. My Heart is transfixed with deep wounds. My Heart is immersed in a sea of sorrow. You live unconscious of the fate which is awaiting you. You are spending your days in a state of unawareness, of indifference and of complete incredulity. How is this possible when I, in so many ways and with extraordinary signs, have warned you of the danger into which you are running and have foretold you of the bloody ordeal which is just about to take place?

Because this humanity has not accepted my repeated call to conversion, to repentance, and to a return to God, there is about to fall upon it the greatest chastisement which the history of mankind has even known. It is a chastisement much greater than that of the flood. Fire will fall from heaven and a great part of humanity will be destroyed.

The Church of Jesus is wounded with the pernicious plague of infidelity and apostasy. In appearance, everything remains calm and it seems that all is going well. In reality, She is being pervaded with an ever widening lack of faith which is spreading the great apostasy everywhere. Many Bishops, Priests, Religious and Faithful no longer believe and have already lost the true faith in Jesus and in the Gospel. For this reason, the Church must be purified, with persecution and with blood.

There has also entered into the Church disunity, division, strife and antagonism. The forces of atheism and Masonry, having infiltrated within it, are on the point of breaking up its interior unity and of darkening the splendor of its sanctity. These are the times, foretold by me, when Cardinals will be set against Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops and Priests against Priests and the flock of Christ will be torn to pieces by rapacious wolves, who have found-their way in under the clothing of defenceless and meek lambs. Among them there are even some who occupy posts of great responsibility and, by means of them, Satan has succeeded in entering and in operating at the very summit of the Church. Bishops and Priests of the holy Church of God, how great today is your responsibility! The Lord is about to demand of you an account of how you have administered His vineyard. Repent, seek pardon, make amends and, above all, be once again faithful to the task which has been entrusted to you.

Sin is being committed more and more, it is no longer acknowledged as an evil, it is sought out, it is consciously willed and it is no longer confessed. Impurity and lewdness cover the homes built by your rebellion. This is the reason why my Heart is bleeding—because of the obstinate disbelief and the hardness of your hearts. My Heart is bleeding to see you so closed and insensitive to my sorrowful motherly admonition. My Heart is bleeding because I see your roads even now smeared with blood, while you live in an obstinate unconsciousness of that which awaits you.

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