PART 4: Fr. Michel Rodrigue Is Taken by St. Padre Pio to Heaven and Meets the Holy Family



A Talk by Fr. Michel about His Trip to Heaven:


A Message from God the Father at Gospa Retreat House, November 23, 2019:

My dearest children,

As your Father, I want to thank everyone who has come to this retreat. Every time you gather in this blessed house of my daughter, Mary, you please My Heart and the Heart of My Son, Jesus. Today, I want to reaffirm to you My presence and My blessing. My Son and I will provide many graces for you and for your families and for your friends. The ministry of healing that My priest will offer to you will bear many graces for your health and your soul.

I must warn you that many search for the date of My intervention in this world. These curiosities do not correspond to the grace of My care for you. I have said many times that I will protect My children during the days of tribulation and darkness. The protection of My angels, the refuges that I have prepared for you, the gift of the illumination of consciences from My Holy Spirit of love and the unique grace of salvation of My son, Jesus, are enough to calm and give you peace. Search first for the kingdom of heaven and everything else will be given to you! Jesus said that you will never be orphans. . . never forsaken. I am your Father, and my Son, your Redeemer, and upon you is My Spirit of love. Be not afraid! Be not afraid! As I nourish the birds and dress the lilies of the field, I protect you. Do not let your hearts be troubled by having them wander on the path of a misplaced curiosity that will make you anxious. When you are doing this, you are thinking as the world thinks, and it is Satan who is trying to infiltrate and influence your thinking.

You already know from the teaching of My Son, Jesus, that you will be able to discern My action by the fruits that they will produce. You know the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and you know My care and My love. Yes, My children, the times are near and coming; but for you, it is imperative that you surrender everything, and particularly your thoughts, to My Son, Jesus.

Now prepare yourself and be ready by praying, fasting, and acting with charity, as My Son taught you. The times that come are a time of hope. In the end, the triumph of my daughter, Mary, will be.

Your Father


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