PART 3: Fr. Michel Rodrigue – “Mary Has Already Called the Apostle of the Last Times”



A message from God the Father to Fr. Michel Rodrigue :

My dear sons and daughters,

The time now is coming, and the glory of My Living Son will be manifest to all mankind. Your prayers are precious and your sacrifices soothe the pain that rises from the souls of the just up to Me. Listen and hear the clamor of those who were killed in the womb of their mothers and those who are killed and sacrificed at the age of wisdom to serve mammon and his controlling darkness. Happy are you to be assembled here in the Name of my beloved Son Jesus. Listen, My servants, and know My will. Not a single hair on your head exists without My will. You will see what the eyes of man have not yet seen. You will see the glorious sign of my Son shining in the sky and the fire of the Holy Spirit fall on earth, revealing the state of souls who live on earth. The chastisement will follow if humanity perseveres in the hardheartedness of sin.

My daughter, Mary, has already called the apostle of the last times [Note: Fr. Michel also heard St. Michael the Archangel call the Church to “pray with the Mother of God for the apostles of the last days to rise!” Hence, Fr. Michel is not the only one called to witness to these “end times”]. Hear My voice in the mouth of your mother and the Mother of My beloved Son, and be ready to answer the cry of daughter Mary. She is the ark of the new covenant, the pillar of fire during the night, and the fresh morning dew during the day. And My Son Jesus is the Rock that will open the slit on his side to protect you from the snakes of the last days. Receive His Mercy and drink the living waters of salvation.

Together, I ask you to do everything you can to help My son, Michel, to build the monastery that will form the priests aware of the end times and responding to the call of My daughter, Mary. The cohort of the saints now comes to earth with My daughter, Mary, and your grandma, Anna, to help you ask for My Son’s intercession. I refuse nothing of what He asks of me. He and I are One.

Listen to My voice. . . be ready. . . The priests who are prepared by the Monastery of St. Benedict Joseph Labre will be those who serve the survivors who will come out of My shelter. I will multiply the call to priesthood for my faithful servant. Soon My angels will fulfill My will for you and for the world. You will follow the lights in front of you. They are my angels!

I love you through the Heart of My Beloved Son and the breath of the Holy Spirit. 

Be blessed!

Your Father

Fr. Michel Rodrigue talks about building the two monasteries God the Father asked of him for The Fraternity of St. Joseph Benedict Labre (Fraternité Apostolique Saint Benoît-Joseph Labre) in the diocese of Amos, Quebec, Canada

Seven years ago, when I was given this new mission to be the founder of this new ministry, God gave me five years [to build a monastery]. After five years, I was taking care of three parishes. I had the whole city of Amos on my back. I was alone. Nobody helped me. When I was assigned to three other parishes where I built the new monastery, they replaced me with six priests. “Sorry, Father,” I told God, “We are in the fifth year, and I’ve done nothing. I am guilty.”

He said, “I will give one year more.”

I said, “Father, You’re so great.”

He said, “But this year will be a year of mercy.”

I went to the bishop and said, “Father, He said to me He would extend my time, and you must release me now from the city of Amos and the other, and I will go for the new.

And he said, “Okay, I will do it. What did He say?”

He said that we will have a year of mercy.

“That’s impossible. Michel, we just finished one holy year with St. Paul. The pope will not announce another.”

I said, “Yes, we will have it.” So, a month and half later, the year of mercy was pronounced.

* * *

Last year in January of 2017 it was cold outside, 40 degrees below zero. And I love the cold. It gives me a challenge. It represents for me the coldness of the devil, so it gives me a warm attitude to fight with. I love it!

I was outside and He said, “Look. What do you see?

“A little hill.”

“Buy it.”

“Father, I don’t have the money.”

“Buy it.”

So it was a headache for me because two times I went to see this guy [who owned the land]. We’ll call him “cash.” The first time he asked me for an amount so big it was crazy. I returned. Same thing.

On the 13th of May, the date of the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima. One of my friend’s came, and we celebrated the Mass in the chapel of the Holy Angel, and we prayed for this land: “Do something, Mary!” Afterward, we went outside and he said, “This is the place. You must build your monastery here.”

I said, “I know that. But the guy wants too much money.”

“Do you want to go see him?”

“Yes, now.” So I went straight to his place and entered his garage. I knew he was there. I looked at him and said, “It’s today or never.”

He looked at me and said, “Okay.”

I asked, “How much do you want for your land?”

He said, “Eight thousand.” Before that, he had asked for $20,000.

I said, “Okay. Are you a man of your word?”

He said, “Yes, let’s do the contract here.” We did the contract right there.

My friend said, “I want the same, but next to him.”

He said, “Yes.”

A few months later, he came back saying, “I don’t know why I agreed to this.”

I thought, “The Virgin Mary.”

So we bought the land and we began to build because the Father said in January, “By the end of September, you will have the monastery off the ground.” I assure you, by the end of September, all the buildings were up. The interior, everything, was done in three months. So many miracles happened everywhere. Because of this, today we have the monastery, and we opened it with the grace of the Lord. I blessed the monastery with the presence of my bishop, who was happy also.

That day, I asked something of the Virgin Mary: “Virgin Mary, you know that I’m always hot. I would like to have a cold day covered in clouds so the sun will not pass through. And when I bless the monastery, please, when the people are in front, show them the love of the Father. Open the clouds so the sun will shine on the monastery. It happened just like that.

Jesus said, “The Father and I will come, and we will make in you Our home.” [“Whoever loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him. (John 14:23)] Through the strength and confidence of your prayer, through the faith that you have, and with the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your hearts, you can talk to the Father, you can talk to Jesus. Jesus is not a stranger when you have the Holy Spirit in your heart. He becomes a friend, He becomes Our Lord. This is the truth.

I was so happy in the month of September because I had the impression, when I looked around, that my eyes were seeing a film of events in front of me. “I have done nothing, Father. You have done everything. I’m just a witness of your grace everywhere.”

He said to me, “Prepare, My son.”

“What, Father?”

“You have a second one to build.”

He said, “Be aware because this message is really important. You will build the second monastery when the Tribulation comes.”

I will surprise a lot of you here. “You will build it at the end of the mandate of Trump. This means that in 2020, you will have to build it.”

I had a question in my heart—“Trump? Why?”—but I didn’t ask it. The answer came back immediately,

“This one I have chosen. They cannot control him.” God didn’t say that he’s a saint. He never said that. “They [the people of the One World Government attempting to take power] cannot control him. They don’t know on which leg he is dancing. Because of this, they have not been able to achieve their task.” This is what God said. And this is what has happened.

Message to Fr. Michel Rodrigue from God the Father, January 5, 2017:

It has now been five years since I established you in this land of Amos in Saint-Dominique-du-Rosaire. I chose you to be evangelizers in the same way I that chose Dominic, My son. Contemplate, meditate on the Word and the Holy Mysteries of My Son, Jesus. It is I Who gave Him His Name, the Name that saves from the torments of the Evil one. Pray, and under the promptings of My Holy Spirit, teach and proclaim, in favorable times and in unfavorable times, to this world that keeps searching for answers.

You are wondering why so many saints assist you? I desire that, through them, you may enter into the intimacy of My mystery of love for you. Look to them: Benedict Labre, son of Adoration and of the Passion of my Son; John Vianney, who in sacrifice, lived the unique Priesthood of My Son through Reconciliation and penance for sinners; Teresa of Avila who was inflamed with love for my Son and desired to spread the spirit of prayer for the renewal of the Christian life and true apostolate in My Holy Spirit.

Yes, here you are before the creche, before My daughter, Mary, whom I chose, protected to be the Mother of my Son, Jesus. He gave her to you as your Mother. Here you are before Joseph whom I called and graced with My mercy to be a father in My likeness.

You, My children, do not judge on merit or on giftedness. Only the love that you have for one another speaks of the truth of your gifts. Be the flame that burns before the Tabernacle, the flame that carries the sign of the presence of My Son and the power of His loving humility. Be the refuge of Jesus’ Heart, Who so loved the world. Be vigilant and remain ready!

Prepare the land that I have given you for sowing. Begin construction work, however humble it may be, and My angels will see to it. . . 

My day will come and all truth will be made known. The pride of the strong will be broken. You are bearers of a sign through the mystery of the Nativity of my Son. You are bearers of the sign of the Pentecost that will soon reveal the blindness of the hearts of stone. Stay ready, prepare through prayer and fasting for the Great Day of Faith. Do not look for day or the hour! Everything comes from My mercy; the hour belongs to Me and the Day is coming! I am the Lord!

To you, the families, the mystery of Christmas shows you the welcoming of the Word the Life in the example of Mary and Joseph. Meditate on this mystery and live in obedience to My Son. Teach your children to pray, to share, to understand true love. Teach them forgiveness by receiving the forgiveness of My Son. Teach them to respect their siblings as well as their brothers and sisters in humanity.

To you, my consecrated sons and daughters, be in union of heart with My Son in the likeness of Mary who united her heart to His by placing all of her life in My hands. Like her, you cooperate in the work of salvation that was announced by the angels to the shepherds.

To My sons of predilection and to all My priests, rest your heads on the Heart of My Son. From it, you will reap the secrets of salvation, the strength of deliverance, and the incomparable sweetness of healing. Persevere in mutual love. Days are coming when only those who rest their heads on the Heart of My Son will know how to discern the plots and schemes of the devil and will manifest the luminous victory of My Son.

To all of you whom I have created out of love, draw close to Jesus. Come and receive joy at the fount of salvation. He is present for you in all the Tabernacles of the world. Come to Him.

I bless you. 

—God the Father


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