PART 11: Fr. Michel Rodrigue – Praying for Your Loved Ones

Fr. Michel Rodrigue speaks to those concerned about the salvation of loved ones.


Many ask me, “Father, my children. Father, my children.” Every minute I am with people, they ask me about that. Listen to me well. I think that now we have to pray for families, we have to gather our families. But the problem you say, father, is that they don’t want to listen to us. And I know that, and I will repeat what I said last year.

Renew your consecration to the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This is the first thing that we must do together in our family. Don’t judge those who don’t want to do it with you—your children who refuse. Don’t curse them. Don’t push them. Instead, pray for the day when they will be enlightened to make their own choice. Pray that after the illumination of conscience, they will receive the grace of conversion, say yes to Jesus, and receive God totally, freely.

With your prayers and sacrifices of today, with the love that you carry in your heart for them, you give them the blessing that you, too, will receive from Him to be aware of what to do. Because of this love and care that you have today for your family, they will remember you. They will think, “My father taught me that. . . My mother taught me. They were communicating the truth to me. I must go home. They will guide me. I need them.” The seed you planted in them will flourish at that moment. They will return to you and you will reinstruct them regarding their faith. You have six weeks to do it. And so, do it with love. The same desire you have in your heart, Our Eternal Father has in His heart. You have this desire because your fatherhood and motherhood come from His Fatherhood.

St. Pope John Paul II touched every part of the teaching of the Church, and one of the greatest things he did was to give a new Catechism of the Catholic faith. Every family must have this catechism. In there is the teaching of the Church.

You must pray for this enlightenment that they will have after the Warning when they will be free to accept Jesus and learn from you. If you force them now, you will make them stubborn, resistant, argumentative, which are works of the devil. When you bug them, you exhaust them. You have to use the gift of wisdom. Pray for them. Be witnesses of your love of Christ in front of them, and answer when they question you. Don’t bark at them like a pitbull. You think that you are serving the Lord when you are doing this. Huh! The devil uses what you are doing to make them bigger sinners. You understand now? So, pray for them. Pray silently, as the Virgin Mary prays, with humility for this time of the Warning. It will be the greatest gift that this world will receive.

When you pray together as a family, pray in front of an image or manger of the holy family. Your contemplation of the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and the baby Jesus will bring so many graces to your family that the unity of your family will be restored. When we want to be clean, we go for clean water, but the world today is not clean. It offer us dirty water. Every time someone leaves your home, you know that the spirit of this world will try to trap the person with very unclean things. Because of your prayer, because of the holy family, everyone who leaves your home will be able to resist the tempter because they will be protected.

This is why it is hard to announce the good news in front of our friends, in front of our children. But they need to hear it. While we must be careful not to push too much, we must announce and invite. This is hard because the demon wants to mute us, to shut us up. One day, when I was getting ready to do an exorcism, I said to the sister who was accompanying me, “It’s not hard. It is the Kingdom of God that will come upon this person.” And I heard, “Shut up!”

I said, “Shut up, yourself!”

So we wait for the great merciful tenderness of the Lord given through the Illumination of Conscience.


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