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PART 10: Fr. Michel Rodrigue – Sin, Temptation, and the Coming Warning



Message given to Fr. Michel Rodrigue in 2018 from God the Father.

Learn to look with the eyes of faith and the Holy Spirit will reveal to you My presence, My signs, and My Word, that will not pass by without being fulfilled.  

Look at the earth. Sin crashes over people. The hand of misery hurts My children because of their offenses. Satan ravages hearts, and hearts close to My grace. Men act under the impulse of temptation and disordered appetites. They follow their passions fed by bad desires. 

Greed stunts them. Look. Many people think they are gods. They manipulate life in its DNA. They enact laws for abortion and euthanasia. Satan uses their science to achieve his ends and integrates bodies formed against My will. They are receptacles of Satan to poison, pollute life, and spread his hold. Greed, jealousy, hatred, and demons break hearts. Pain constrains and debases intelligence.   

Look and see. I am not late. Everything is moving. Do not say that I have forgotten you. The elements are going to talk. My angels and saints are already with you to help you and protect you. They are ready for their mission on earth. My daughter, mother of My beloved Son and your mother, will come out of the cleft of the rock to bring in my faithful children. My Son will be recognized by the manifestation of His glory that will illuminate the sky, and no one will be able to escape it. He will confound the iniquity and evil erected in structures in your societies. 

I come in the power of My mercy. Fire, water, cold air, hot air will require very great sacrifices until the time when prayer will rise from the earth to Me. Only prayer united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will unite you in the Heart of My Son Jesus and will calm the plagues of the greed of men manipulated by the devil. 

—God the Father


Message given to Fr. Michel Rodrigue  for his Fraternity, The Apostolic Fraternity of St. Benedict Joseph Labre:

The coldness of sin in the heart, the flames of hatred and war, internal disturbances, devastating winds—all this is under My authority. No one is reached without My permission to return to Me. What sadness when I must respect freedom and arrive at the sentence of the Warning. This, too, is part of My mercy. 

—God the Father


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