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PART 7: Fr. Michel Rodrigue – The Apocalyptic Scriptures of Advent Help Explain Events to Come


Message to Fr. Michel Rodrigue from God the Father, November 13, 2018


My children, 

Soon you will enter into the time of Advent. It is a season of conversion and preparation for the celebration of the birth of my Son, Jesus. It is a time of rejoicing for My faithful children. For others, it is a time of anxieties and spending money in the spirit of mammon, who wants to erase Christmas.

For you, I want to distribute many graces of my love to your families. Have a manger in your home, in a central place for everyone to see. Many blessings of conversion for your children will come from this Nativity scene.

Christmas is also a time when My love grants to many souls in purgatory their entrance into heaven. Pray for your relatives and for the souls who have no one to pray for them. I have chosen your country (the United States) for a great mission in this world. I honor the consecration of your nation, made by your first president. Many blessings are upon you in this time of Advent and through the season of Christmas.

The Advent season and the coming Feast of the Nativity of My Beloved Son, Jesus, prefigure the times ahead.

Follow the daily readings of your Catholic liturgy, and you will understand many of My actions and many events to come.

My blessing is upon you, and the love of My Son, Jesus, and the Peace of My Spirit of love.

Your Father


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