Gisella – A New Era, a New Earth

Our Lord to Gisella Cardia on February 20th, 2021: 

My children, how I suffer; I am among you, I weep because of all the sufferings that they are causing Me. Beloved children, how I suffer! What is My Church doing to Me? I am already here and humanity still does not believe, it does not understand how much pain I feel, and how much pain for My Church. She has turned her back on Me, yet I built her together with Peter. She is My Church: I will not let the devil take possession of her, but she will be reborn in Glory.
My children, pay attention concerning false doctrines: do not fall into this trap. My favored ones (priests) will be called to account for what they are doing! Pray for the true priests, those of Jesus Christ, because persecution is underway. Sing hymns to the Lord your God, lament over everything that will happen and shout out that I am here. My children, convert now; pray, pray, pray much — the times that will come will be for the purification of the earth; nothing of what you know will remain on this earth… and yet you are still thinking about earthly things. Confess and prepare yourselves, because time is running out. Be ready in prayer, be in My Grace. 
My daughter, bear My suffering joyfully: this will be a special Easter. Look, My daughter, see this Precious Blood: it is for all, even for My ungrateful children and for sinners who do not understand. My daughter, how much you [singular] will suffer this Easter, how much suffering for all sinners — help Me, My love, help Me, do it with joy for your Lord. I am here to purify you [plural]. Now the Holy Spirit will descend on you, I want to purify you all; [may you] be found prepared, because [otherwise] you will not manage to bear what awaits you. Why are you persisting with worldly things? Forgive, love, have charity, do not be indifferent. My Spirit is among you and will stay with you. 
My children, stay together more than before: help one another because soon everything will be lost. Fire and water are in preparation, but you will be taken away by My Angels and carried to a safe place until [something] like a paradise rises again — in a new era, with a new earth and new heavens.[1]cf. Creation Reborn Follow Me and My footsteps: I am the truth, the way and the life. This home, where My angels will dwell to protect you, is blessed. My children, do not be afraid of anything: I have marked you one by one — as Satan has marked his faithful. Children, how many souls have you gathered to Me, how many souls! Now I will pass among you one by one to bless you: kneel and bow your heads: May you have eternal life, in the name of the Father, in My name and that of the Holy Spirit, Amen.
Your dear Jesus…

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1 cf. Creation Reborn
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