Gisella – A Warning to the Shepherds

Our Lord to Gisella Cardia on December 15th, 2020:

My dear children, thank you for your “Yes” of each day. My daughter, write so that this [word] would reach all places. My favored sons (priests), I have given you light and you have embraced darkness, I consecrated you and you have embraced the world; repent and ask forgiveness for what you are doing to my Church. Ask the faithful for forgiveness for having fed them so many lies. Do you not know that you are making choices that will be rewarded with eternal fire? Repent and gather the flock with love and charity, and teach the way to sanctification. Hear the din of earthquakes, listen to the volcanoes awakening; see this humanity that has lost its values ​​and love, but which is filled with pride and arrogance, forgetting humility. I look at you and you have become like robots, devoid of all humanity. Save yourselves because the wrath of my Father is already upon you. Love one another as brothers and be faithful to God; return to Him who is the only true love. Now I leave you with the blessing of the Holy Trinity… Your dear Jesus.

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