Gisella – An Earthquake in the Vatican

Our Lord to Gisella Cardia on October 31st, 2020:

My children—where are my children? Those who do not believe have turned their backs once again, they do not believe in my Mother’s messages. My daughter, look, look at France; look, she will weep for her dead. Humanity and the Church have bowed to the global elite, to Satan who has taken my place. They have terrorized My people and they are massacring the churches: it is not the end of Europe, it is the end of the world. (1) Oh, what wickedness within My Church: soon great smoke will rise up. I had warned that there would be an earthquake in the Vatican—the apostasy, My children. How much mercy will fall on those who believe, how many graces these children of Mine will have. My children, please, [to My consecrated], do not abandon the Church, do not scatter the flock, but fight: do not leave everything in Satan’s hands. What will they do, what will My children do without you? Be apostles, be lights…
Now darkness has descended on the Churches. Oh, what despair, how many people seized by evil; how My heart suffers, but how My heart and that of My Mother suffer. I cannot bear to see My Mother in tears; they are giving Me great pain; but fight, always be in prayer—pray and do not change anything that was left to you. Soon I will no longer be present in the Eucharist, but fight to receive it: My angels will bring holy priests—do not be afraid, you will lack nothing. [Jesus shows me the new world and says]: Oh, My daughter, look, this is the wonderful world prepared for you, and soon it will arrive. [Jesus prays to the Father]: My Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
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  1. Clearly this is hyperbole, and not a reference to a literal imminent end of time, in accordance with the same message prophesying the arrival, “soon,” of the new world—the coming of the Kingdom on earth or Era of Peace. See our Timeline.[]
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