Gisella Cardia – Priests: Speak of God’s Justice

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on July 14th, 2020:

Dear children, thank you for being here in prayer and for having listened to my call in your hearts. My daughter, speak with the priests, so dear to my heart, and tell them: do not pass indifferently before Jesus in the Eucharist, protect the mystical Body, speak of the justice of God, speak of sin, explaining about not offending my Divine Son, and make sure that all live according to the commandments – only thus will there be salvation. My children, you still have not really understood what it means to be ready for the times that will come: pray, confess, nourish yourselves with the Eucharist and help your brothers and sisters who are in confusion. My children, show mercy through my Son* who died for you and who will return in all his glory, sing hymns to the Lord and give thanks. Children, I will send my angels to protect those of you who are Faithful to the Gospel. Now I leave you with my holy blessing, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Today graces will descend upon you.

[* Other translations are possible here, depending on which of the many senses of the Italian “per” is applied. An alternative could be “My children, have pity on my Son who died for you”, in the sense of allowing our lives to be shaped by compassion for Jesus who continues to suffer spiritually for and in His Church due to the state of the world. This is a notion that has been affirmed by theologians and mystics down through the centuries, encapsulated by Blaise Pascal’s famous statement that “Jesus will be in agony until the end of the world”.]
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