Gisella Cardia – Shortly I Will Intervene

Our Lord to Gisella Cardia on October 27th, 2020:

My sister and daughter, keep your heart at peace, because what happens will be terrible in your eyes and those of your brothers and sisters. I your God have been left alone, I am alone and you are feeling all My suffering. My daughter, many are wondering what else will happen, and they do not realize that everything will collapse: they have no longer respected the first commandment, they have not believed in the power of prayer and love, and they are confused and lost. My sweet treasure, My empty churches have become places of hypocrisy, falsehood and entertainment, but I am there watching and weeping with great disappointment. My sister, accompany Me in this pain, so that everything might be lighter: all this will end. Shortly I will intervene; the Great Thunder is about to arrive. Guerrilla warfare will begin which will turn into war; times will come where they will continue to keep you at a distance, changing your way of life, leading you more and more into sin. The sacraments will no longer be given and everything will change; the lies will be well orchestrated and will convince you to sin more and more. Brothers and sisters, I ask you, do not be blind: only with the prayer coming out of your hearts will you be able to see the deception. Now I leave you, my sweet lovable daughter; offer up your pain, you together with your beloved spouse, you are blessed by heaven and by My Father, you will never be alone. Pray for the Church, where the apostasy is to become official (1)
Now I leave you with my blessing and you will be anointed every day.
Your dear Jesus.
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  1. This should, of course, not be taken as an indication that heresy will be Magisterially taught—Jesus assures us (cf. Matthew 16:18) that will never happen—but rather as a warning that grave error will soon reach the very highest heights that Divine Providence could allow.[]
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