Gisella – Entrust Everything to Me

Our Lord Jesus to Gisella Cardia on March 30th, 2021:

Beloved children, do not fear, because I, too, was persecuted before you. And please do not say that I was the Son of God and as such I could bear all the suffering. That is not how it is; in My flesh, as in My heart, I experienced all the pain and darkness of the world, because for this I became incarnate. Entrust everything to Me, the sole anchor of salvation; I will take you by the hand and alleviate your sufferings, loading them on My shoulders and carrying them with Me towards Calvary. I ask you with extreme love not to abandon Me and my Holy Mother, who with great humility is still among you; your suffering will be rewarded. I ask you to help your brothers and sisters, so that they would not not fall into perdition, and if just one of your brothers and sisters is saved, there will be celebrating in Heaven. I will not leave you; look at the Cross and all that it means — have mercy on your Jesus who understands you and who suffers so much. Unfortunately, man is being attacked by the most beautiful angel who rebelled against God: only those who have strength and Faith will be saved. This message is for you, Gisella, and for all my brothers and sisters chosen for My works; do not allow evil to cloud your minds. I am with you and I bless you in the name of the Father, in My name and that of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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