Gisella – Falsehoods are Worse than Disease

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on February 23rd, 2021:

My children, thank you for always welcoming me in your hearts. Beloved children, look around you: this is a time of destruction, confusion and above all of choices — you are being invited to decide which side you will take. I therefore say to you: there is only one way to make the right choice — follow the Gospel, the Word of God, and be in prayer. Let His light enter your hearts; only in this way will you be able to understand which [road] is the high road (la strada maestra). The falsehoods of this world are more harmful than any disease — see how many suicides there are, especially of children. The devil is at full strength, which is why I ask families to teach your children about prayer, explaining that only through it can you have peace and serenity in hearts, because without God’s light there is darkness. Baptize your children so that they might be able to walk towards a holy life.

My children, the world and humanity are on the precipice: strengthen yourselves in faith and prayer, because soon the Antichrist will make his appearance. Children, may you also have the hope that everything will be renewed so that there would be a new world of peace, hope and love. Everything is ready for these events, but first you will have to go through tribulation and persecution. See the signs, be courageous: we will be next to you. Children, repent and convert to the one true God, God of peace, love, mercy and justice. Now I leave you with my blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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