Gisella – Gather as Many Souls as Possible

God the Father to Gisella Cardia on January 1, 2021:

I, your Father, am here with you to tell you some important things for this coming year. My children, follow my Jesus: only by trusting will you be able to reach the salvation of your souls. I have given you my Daughter, a Mother for you. 
Please, children, do not be afraid of me, I as a good Father want you to know me as I am; teach your children My name, and when you turn to me, call me Father, not only God, but Father. How could I, who am the Father of you all, ever not love my children? 
Occasionally my justice serves to correct you because you do not always listen. Look, look to the heavens and be subject to me as the God of peace: be humble. But do you think that I can enter your hearts if your hearts are closed to grace? That will never be possible – instead open your hearts and I will be there, giving you everything you ask for, and you will lack nothing. Pray with the simple prayers that you have been taught, nothing else – I do not want anything else. 
Oh, my children, if you knew the joy that you give me in seeing you together and united; it only because you do not see me that you believe that I do not exist, but I listen to you and I observe you, I see your hearts and your joy. Soon I will come to take you: soon my Jesus will take you and carry you to a new world. Do you think that you only have things to do in this world? But my world is also full of tasks [to be done]. Oh yes, bestow only joy, peace and love! These are the things that you will need to do. I will be close to you: the joy that you feel in your hearts is my joy alone and your love is my love. I am in each of you and yet you still have not understood. Seek me and you will find me. I am also in those who do not know me. 
I know who you are and I created you in love, humility and charity, yet you have made a god of yourselves. Entrust everything to the only Father you have and to Mary, merciful and pious Mother, humble handmaid of God, who is leading you on the path of holiness. Pray her Rosary for your salvation; sometimes simple words are also needed, which I appreciate. 
My sweetest children, make an ark, just as I asked Noah to do, but I asked for it so that he could bring all his children to me, without losing even one. I am not asking you to construct an ark, my children, but to be a big family and to gather as many souls as possible. Soon you will need each other, and what would you do were Heaven not to give you these instructions? 
Listen to this beautiful soul, she* is my love. Oh! my love, how much I love you, how beloved you are in my eyes: continue on your way and tell your brothers and sisters to do only My will. They have been created for a mission, they have been created for this alone, and yet they have become lost. My daughter, love of my heart, put them on the right path as a mother does with her children; explain to them that I love them, tell them how great my love is for them – they are my children and I their Father. Turn to me, call me “Father” and nothing else – “Father”, just as I call you “children”. Remember that only through my Jesus and his cross will you have salvation. Oh my children, now I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit: always be united in my name and I will be with you. Amen.
Finally, Our Lady added: Pray, pray much because the tornadoes and cyclones that are preparing will be severe.
[*seer Gisella Cardia]
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