Gisella – Jesus, Your Food and Warmth

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on January 16th, 2021:

Dear children, thank you for being here in prayer; bend your knees. I am here to welcome you into my heart and to grasp your hands. My children, do not be afraid and agitated about what will happen, but trust me — you will lack nothing if you invoke Jesus. He will be your provision, He will be warmth in the frost, He will be light in the darkness, He will still be your food and will satisfy your thirst because everything is in Him. My beloveds, do not waste time; approach faith with an open heart. I am not here to frighten, but to warn you: the times that are coming will be darker than what you are experiencing now, but if you do not light the flame of faith, you will feel only despair and torment in your hearts. Children, I am calling you to redemption: the greater your suffering, the stronger you will get up again. I want you all to be saved. Take the sword of love and God will do justice. Now I leave you with my motherly blessing in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
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