Gisella – Masks Fall

Jesus Christ to Gisella Cardia on December 30, 2023:

My children, now listen: here is the Light for you. I am the Light, I am the Way, I am the Truth and I am the Life, the Light of Hope.

Listen to My voice: I see that you do not trust in Me! How many times have you asked Me to put an end to all the bad things that have happened, but I could not, because I had to make your enemies’ masks fall. I wanted to make you see what is good and what is evil. I had to make you realize where the Church is going with well-dressed priests, bishops and cardinals who are beautiful on the outside, but rotten within.

Brothers and sisters, be at peace. Have faith in Me and My Mercy, but also in My justice that will soon be seen.  Look at the signs from heaven! Look at the signs from heaven: I am not saying the times and the day, but these are the end times. Do not trust in dates: only I know the exact date.

I would like you to see the wicked one* perish with your own eyes. You will see very bad things around you, but until the last day I must gather My lost sheep, even the last. That is your mission! Gather even the last of the sheep, and I will be with you: I cannot let even a single soul be lost. Unless, looking around, it now chooses for itself.

This year has been a preparation for you. But the year to come will be the year of Revelation – but also of joy, because you will see so much. Oh! You will be with me! You are already with me! Your soul is already with me.

I love you, My children, I love you for your faithfulness and I accompany you in your lives. Remember: be ready! I will come like a thief in the night, but you must always be ready. Now I bless you in the name of the Father and my Most Holy Name and that of the Holy Spirit. Peace be with you and in this house. Amen.

* Italian, l’empio. Probably denoting the Antichrist

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