Gisella – Rise Up, Evangelize!

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on August 7th, 2021:

My children, thank you for having heard my call in your hearts and for having bowed your knees. Beloved children, pray much, because everything is being fulfilled; I need you, I need people of true faith. Just as Jesus said to His apostles, so I say to you: rise up and go among the nations and speak of God — make holy people, fear nothing because my Son will be with you. My children, my presence in the world is a preparation for the coming of Jesus, which is ever closer. Do not worry about having to leave earthly things, family, friendships, but go and teach with courage, and if those who listen to you continue to have closed hearts, simply pray for them and go ahead with evangelizing — I will be with you. Distance yourselves from everything that does not come from God, because Jesus says: whoever suffers with Me and for Me will enter My Kingdom, but whoever does not want to rejoice with Me will await My judgment. Speak about God who is so merciful, but also just, and I am preparing you to be like Him: forgive and be just. China will suffer its [own] wrongdoings; pray for the place where Jesus was born, because there will be warfare. I bless you now in the name of the Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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