Gisella – See the Signs of My Return

Our Lord Jesus to Gisella Cardia on October 29th, 2021:

My blessed sister, I, your Jesus ask you to speak to your brothers and sisters. I desire that each one of you leave the things of the earth: be light regarding material things, for you will only bring your heart into My presence. My children, see the signs of My return, and as I have already told My apostles, I do not come to unite, but to divide good from evil. In this time of Satan, which is now at its conclusion, I ask many of my beloved sons (priests) who have given themselves over to the pleasures of the world to return to me with the same love with which they were called, before the gates of Hell open for them.

Beloved children, brothers and sisters, prepare yourselves with courage as true soldiers to fight the greatest apostasy ever experienced. I ask you again to prepare yourselves well for the Warning; not everyone will believe, not even many of My consecrated. I have always asked you to offer Me your sufferings, and yet, I have been refused. Brothers and sisters, I, Jesus Christ, have never abandoned anyone. I have sought love like a beggar, and I am often in a corner of your home, your work, your heart, and I watch you, waiting for your gaze, and instead you are attracted by the false light that is not mine. [1]cf. The Smoldering Candle on the “false light” Live more [intensely] [2]Italian: “Vivete di più”: experience more intensely/deeply the places where my Most Holy Mother is appearing, for that is where you will have to go when you are asked, so that you may lack nothing [as regards] protection and much providence. I ask you to address your prayers to Me and to My Mother and I will be happy to help you. I told My apostles, and I repeat today, that I will be with you until the end of time. Brothers and sisters, you will be like the first Christians; together, and in unity, we will work wonders for My Father and the angels will exult and sing the glory of God. I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Your dear Jesus. 



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1 cf. The Smoldering Candle on the “false light”
2 Italian: “Vivete di più”: experience more intensely/deeply
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