Gisella – The Church Will Live Her Passion

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on February 3rd, 2021:

Dear children, thank you for having listened to this call of mine in your hearts. Beloved children, thanks for your prayers. I your Mother am here: I touch the earth in order to instruct you — a mother who lifts you up when you fall, who takes you out of the mud in which some creatures find themselves. I am always the one who dries your tears, who gives you back the hope and the light of my Son to enlighten your way. My children, I am your Mother: why do you not profit from the Mercy that descends on you to change your lives?

Beloved children, pray for the Church, because now the struggle is at the gates, she [the Church] will live her passion. Pray much, without ceasing. A fierce Storm will shake the world and you are still wasting your time, binding yourselves to earthly things. My children, all is ready for you: milk and honey will descend from the mountains; peace, love and great serenity are prepared for you, but I ask you to believe and to live out my messages. My children, today many graces will descend: testify, be grateful to God for such love, acknowledging him as the only true God. Now I leave you with my maternal Blessing, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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