Gisella – The Times Predicted from Fatima Onwards have Arrived

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on January 26th, 2021:

My daughter, tell the world that faith is the only hope that humanity has: only prayer, charity and love will be its salvation. The times predicted from Fatima onwards have arrived — no one will be able to say that I had not given warnings. Many have been the prophets and seers chosen to announce the truth and the dangers of this world, yet many have not listened and still do not listen. I weep over these children who are being lost; the apostasy of the Church is increasingly clear — my favored sons (priests) have refused my protection. My daughter, tell the world to pray for the powerful, because they will unleash a great war. Pray for the Church, because she is being destroyed; (1) pray for Italy because she will weep for her dead – famine is near and you are not prepared. Another virus is at the gates and it will be worse than the previous one. Children, why do you still not understand? Protect yourselves: pray, pray much. Baptize children and pray for them, because evil wants to take their innocence. Now I leave you with the blessing of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
Then she added: read the Apocalypse and in it you will find the truth for these times.
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  1. Note: Jesus promised that the “gates of Hell will not prevail” against the Church. But that does not mean that apostasy and sin cannot destroy much of the edifice such that there is only left in many places a mere remnant of the True Faith.[]
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