Gisella – War Will Reach Rome

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on February 26th, 2022:

My children, thank you for being here in prayer and for having bent your knees in this blessed home. Beloved children, do not be afraid, although the times are very bad; war will also reach [Western] Europe and especially Rome — they have turned their backs on God and for this they will undergo suffering and destruction. Beloved children, Jesus is preparing your souls: be more spiritual, otherwise, you will only be [as] corpses mechanically doing the same things every day, without ever taking care of the spirit, which at this time is the most important thing. My children, this war is opening the doors to the Antichrist. But do you not understand that things are accelerating? Do you not see that nothing is as it was before? My children, provide true faith for my children. Speak of God: I put everything in your hands — pray for peace and for those who will have left the earth because of this war, although many will soon reach Paradise. Dear children, I am with you, together with Jesus, in order to pray to the Father. Now I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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