Jesus Christ asks that this worldwide Triduum be offered on December 12 to Our Lady of Guadalupe

St. Michael the Archangel said the following to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on December 5, 2020. It is the wish of our King and Lord Jesus Christ that a worldwide Triduum should be offered to our and your Mother of Guadalupe, and that on December 12, you would consecrate yourselves to her under this title, particularly consecrating the Mexican people, handed over to Satan by some of their representatives.

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We have happily concluded the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and thus we begin the Triduum to the Virgin of Guadalupe in order to venerate her.

Triduum to Our Lady of Guadalupe (Feast Day: December 12)


Oh, Most Holy Lady of Guadalupe! The crown that girds the temples of your Sacred head proclaims that you are the queen of the universe. That is what you are, O Lady, because as the Daughter, as the Mother and Spouse of the Most High you exert an absolute power and a most just right over all creatures.

This being so, I too am yours: I too belong to You under a thousand titles; and on this occasion I entrust myself to You by one more title, as the Queen of America under the title of Our Mother of Guadalupe. You therefore see me here, prostrate before the Throne of Your Majesty: I choose you as my Queen and my Lady, and for this reason I wish to redouble the sovereignty and dominion that you have over me; I wish to depend on You, and I desire that the designs of Divine Providence for me would pass through Your Hands.

Dispose of me as you please; I want the events and situations of my life to be borne by you. I trust in your kindness: may all things work for the good of my soul and the Honor and Glory of the Lord, who is so pleased that the whole world recognizes you as its Queen.

What else can I believe on seeing you close to the rays of the sun, other than that you are so intimately united to the Sun of Divinity? That Light is within you, the Light of Grace and Holiness.

What else can I believe, other than that you are immersed in the sea of Divine perfections and attributes, and that God always has you in His Heart? May such exalted happiness be for the best.

Meanwhile, enraptured by the joy that You cause me, I stand before the Throne of Your Sovereignty, begging You to deign to send one of its fiery rays towards my heart: illuminate my understanding with Your light, set my will aflame with Your light: may it persuade me that I am miserably deceived when I love something other than my God, and when I do not love You for Jesus. How well known it is that you are our Advocate in God’s court, since you now clasp to your chest those most beautiful Hands that never cease to benefit us, in the gesture of one who pleads and makes supplication, thereby making us see that from the Throne of Glory where you dwell as the Queen of Angels and of men, you also fulfil the office of our advocate, praying and soliciting on our behalf.

With what expressions of appreciation and gratitude can I repay such delicacy? Yet since there is not enough wealth in my heart to pay for it, I turn to You to enrich me with the precious gifts of an ardent and fervent charity, a deep humility, and prompt obedience to the Lord. Strengthen your supplications, multiply your prayers, and do not cease to ask the Almighty to make me his, and grant that I might go and thank you for the happy outcome of your intercession in Glory. Amen.


PRAY FOR US. (3 times.)


Oh, Most Holy Mary of Guadalupe! If an angel of Heaven has the great honor of being at your feet, joyfully opening his arms and spreading his wings to form a support for Your Majesty, what should I do to show my veneration for Your person, if not offer You my heart and my soul so that, by sanctifying it with Your Divine feet, it might become a Throne worthy of Your Sovereignty? Deign, Lady, to grant this token: do not despise it as unworthy, since I make up for the merit that it lacks on account of my misery and poverty with my good will and desires.

Enter and search my heart, and you will see that it is not moved by other wings but those of the desire to be yours, and the fear of offending Your Most Divine Son. Make Your Throne in my heart and it will thus not become debased by the entry of guilt and enslavement to the devil. May they not live in it, but rather Jesus and Mary.  

What other garment would correspond to someone whose beauty is Heavenly, if not one all made of stars? With what could an all-celestial beauty be adorned, if not with the radiance of virtues as high and resplendent as yours?

A thousand times blessed be the hand of God who knew how to unite in You such rare beauty with such enhanced purity, and such brilliance and richness  arrayed with such gentle humility. I remain, O Lady, absorbed in such kindly beauty, and I would like my eyes to be always fixed upon You so that my heart would not allow itself to be pulled away by an affection other than your maternal love.

By those resplendent stars with which you are adorned, infuse me with a fiery and fervent charity, in order to love my God with all my heart and with all my strength, and after God, You as the only being worthy of universal love.

How well that carpet formed by the moon at Your Sacred Feet speaks of Your sovereignty! With unvanquished step you crushed the vanities of the world, remaining superior to all creation, never ebbing with the slightest imperfection: before your first moment you were full of grace. How wretched I am, O Lady, not knowing how to hold to my intentions; I have no stability in my virtue and am only constant in my bad habits. Grieve over me, loving and tender Mother; since I am like the Moon in my inconstancy, may I be like the Moon that is at Your Feet, always remaining firm in your devotion and love, so as not to be diminished by my faults.

Make me always be at Your feet in love and devotion, and then I will no longer fear withering in sin, but will seek to give myself fully to my obligations, hating from my heart everything that is an offense to God. Amen.


PRAY FOR US. (3 times.)


Oh, Most Holy Virgin of Guadalupe! I see in this most beautiful portrait that which leads me to know the high perfections with which the Lord endowed Your Most Innocent Soul. This coarse and common fabric – this poor but blessed ayate [fibre] on which your singular beauty is stamped, make plain the deepest humility that served both as the summit and foundation of Your astounding holiness. You did not disdain to take the tilma of the poor from Juan Diego so that it might be imprinted with Your Face, enchanting the angels, charming men and causing the admiration of the entire universe.

How then could I fail to hope that, by Your kindness, the poverty and misery of my soul would not prevent You from imprinting Your most graceful image upon it? This I ask you, O Lady, and for this I offer you the fabric of my heart.

Take it in your Hands, O Lady, and never let it go, because my wish is that it should not be employed for anything other than loving you and loving God.

How mysteriously and with what success the Hand of the Supreme Craftsman moved, embroidering Your garment with that border of finest gold which serves to adorn it, undoubtedly alluding to that finest gold of God’s love and charity with which all your works were enriched. Receive within your pious heart those who are so wretched; give your hand to those who have fallen and invoke you in order to get up; may yours be the glory of having found in me a wretchedness corresponding more than all others to your compassion and mercy.

What is impossible for your power, given that, multiplying miracles, neither the coarseness nor the simplicity of the ayate served as an obstacle to portraying you so exquisitely? Neither has the march of almost five centuries erased it, and not even the 1921 attack was capable of destroying you.

What good reason to strengthen my confidence, to propagate your devotion and to beseech you so that, opening your heart and recalling the ample power that the Omnipotence of the Lord has given you on behalf of mortals, you might deign to imprint within my soul the image of the Most High, who has erased my faults!

Take no account of my unworthiness; merely deign to look upon me, for after Jesus, my only hope is You, Holy Virgin Mary. Amen.


PRAY FOR US. (3 times.)


Mexico, January 1979. Visiting Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Basilica during his first foreign trip as Pope.

O Immaculate Virgin, Mother of the true God and Mother of the Church!, who from this place reveal your clemency and your pity to all those who ask for your protection, hear the prayer that we address to you with filial trust, and present it to your Son Jesus, our sole Redeemer.

Mother of Mercy, Teacher of hidden and silent sacrifice, to you, who come to meet us sinners, we dedicate on this day all our being and all our love. We also dedicate to you our life, our work, our joys, our infirmities and our sorrows. Grant peace, justice and prosperity to our peoples; for we entrust to your care all that we have and all that we are, our Lady and Mother. We wish to be entirely yours and to walk with you along the way of complete faithfulness to Jesus Christ in His Church; hold us always with your loving hand.

Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, we pray to you for all the Bishops, that they may lead the faithful along paths of intense Christian life, of love and humble service of God and souls. Contemplate this immense harvest, and intercede with the Lord that He may instill a hunger for holiness in the whole people of God, and grant abundant vocations of priests and religious, strong in the faith and zealous dispensers of God’s mysteries.

Grant to our homes the grace of loving and respecting life in its beginnings, with the same love with which you conceived in your womb the life of the Son of God. Blessed Virgin Mary, protect our families, so that they may always be united, and bless the upbringing of our children.

Our hope, look upon us with compassion, teach us to go continually to Jesus and, if we fall, help us to rise again, to return to Him, by means of the confession of our faults and sins in the Sacrament of Penance, which gives peace to the soul.

We beg you to grant us a great love for all the holy Sacraments, which are, as it were, the signs that your Son left us on earth. Thus, Most Holy Mother, with the peace of God in our conscience, with our hearts free from evil and hatred, we will be able to bring to all true joy and true peace, which come to us from your son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who with God the Father and the Holy

Spirit, lives and reigns for ever and ever.


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