Luz – Humanity Will Enter into Chaos

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on December 9th, 2022:

Beloved children, receive My blessing united to My merciful love. In the midst of the affliction in which you live and what is approaching, I call you to love My Most Holy Mother, who intercedes for each one of My children. My Blessed Mother loves you all and desires that all would be saved. My people, not forgetting the Warning [1]Read about the Warning of God…, in which all humanity will participate, you must review your lives promptly and make reparation for evil committed.

My beloved, not only will the human race suffer spiritually, but the earth will be purified by the impact of the heavenly body that will reach the earth and which you will see as an explosion on high. This explosion, which will illuminate the earth and from which fire will fall from on high, will cause the waters of the seas to invade the land. My Beloved People, without panicking at this moment, you should detach yourselves from worldly things in your works and actions.

My people: You do not obey Me, you refuse to be humble and to accept that you have a duty to change and not to allow the misused human ego to keep you in pride. You are My people; all of humanity are My people, as all are My children. My people are not a special selection of My children who pray more or who are better than the rest of their brothers and sisters. My people are the whole of humanity.

Thus do I love you, My people. Do not forget that the process of war is brewing. War will come and My children will suffer. At this moment, there are several nations that are ready to be the first nation to attack another, and from there, war will spread across the earth. When you least expect it, when you are least thinking about it, the scourge of war will come, and humanity will enter into chaos.

War is the chastisement that humanity will inflict on itself: a chastisement produced by human selfishness… Produced by the superiority that most rulers believe that they have over the peoples… A chastisement that is the result of their not believing in Me… Of the contempt to which I am continually subjected… Of offenses against Me, of the profanations and sacrileges that I continually receive.

My Mother is treated with contempt; her most loving Heart bleeds due to so many offenses to which My people subject her. My Most Holy Immaculate Mother desires that My people, her children, would be creatures of faith, humble creatures like her, creatures who unite and who do not disunite.

This generation will receive the Antichrist; [2]Read about the Antichrist… they will follow him because of their ignorance of Me, because of their disobedience toward Me and toward what My Mother has revealed to them. They will accept the new doctrine that will be presented to them, forgetting that “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” [3]Jn. 14:6. I have emphasized pride to you because the human race is saturated with it, and the Antichrist is already taking hold of the proud, giving power in one place or another to those who, out of pride, feel that they are superior to their brothers and sisters.

My children, confusion is entering My Church, and I am not to be found where there is confusion: it is rather the enemy of the soul who has entered. Know Me, My children, in order to recognize Me. Be wary of those who invite you to work and act contrary to what I have taught you. Be on your guard. “Wolves in sheep’s clothing” [4]Mt 7:15 abound at this time.

My people, My beloved people, continue walking in the faith, not out of tradition, but because you know Me, and in knowing Me, love Me. Remain prepared for what is coming to earth, to humanity. Without thinking that disease has been defeated, be cautious and protect your body by keeping your physical defenses high. I am your God, and I am preparing you for what is coming for humanity.

Pray, My children, pray: volcanoes are continuing to become active, causing human suffering.

Pray, My children, pray for Greece: it will suffer due to nature.

Pray, My children, pray: Nepal will be shaken.

Pray, My children, pray for those who do not believe in My calls.

Pray, My children, pray for your brothers and sisters who do not love Me.

Pray, My children, pray about the lack of attention in which My people are living at this moment, which is one for peace and not for so much noise or so much sin, because humanity will be surprised without expecting it.

I protect you; I help you so that you would remain on the right path spiritually. Ask Me for the help you need; be creatures of faith, love, forgiveness, charity and fraternity. My beloved ones, receive My blessing, and not being afraid, be assured that I am protecting you. You therefore need a heart of flesh and not of stone. Keep faith in My Word, in My promises, and I will not abandon you.

I bless your thoughts, mind, and heart so that you would work and act according to My example. My love is infinite, as My blessing is infinite.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters: I invite you to consider this Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us reflect deeply on this call and, as Our Lord asks us; let us make reparation by changing our works and actions. My Lord and my God, I believe in you, but increase my faith.


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