Luz – I Come in Search of a Place to Warm My Little Defenseless Body

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on December 19th, 2022:

My beloved people:

Children of My Sacred Heart, I bless you with My love, I bless you with faith, I bless you with fraternity, I bless you with My truth, so that you would be aware at all times that without charity, you will not overcome human selfishness, nor its fruit, which is hatred – and My children are saturated with hatred at this time.

You must look within yourselves, even if it is difficult for you. My arrogant children do not listen to Me; they look at their brothers and sisters without looking at themselves, and these human creatures of Mine must change so that they would learn to offer up their pain to Me and learn to be humble. It is humility that you require at this time, for charity is not only about helping the needy, but loving and respecting one’s neighbor with their faults and virtues.  

Humanity lacks everything that I have mentioned to you. Therefore, it is very important and indispensable that each one of you pray and offer Me Eucharistic Communions in reparation for the errors with which My Church is offending Me. And bear in mind that receiving Me in a state of grace, worthily prepared, as well as the prayer of the Holy Rosary, can succeed in lessening the intensity of some of the events to come, if it is My will.

My people, some of My children are asking themselves, Why is it that the most serious part of what heaven has announced in these prophecies is not happening? My children, if you would think, if you would reflect on what you want, you would retract and regret it.

My people, great tragedy will come to some countries when they least expect it because of remaining distracted by the distorted Christmas of man today. The celebration of My birth has become a pagan festival, with representations of My birth that in some cases are shameful. They have wanted to force Me into the pagan current of this time, even within My Church. May those who mock My birth be anathema (1).

My beloved people, the battle between good and evil continues with greater force. My beloved St. Michael the Archangel is defending you with all his heavenly armies, otherwise you would find yourselves at war. It is necessary for each one of My children, on a personal level, to be responsible to humanity by being light (cf. Mt. 5:13-15) in the midst of so much darkness that surrounds you.  

South America, land of spiritual fruits and great resources, will be subjected to the uprisings that will recur in several South American countries.

Children of My Sacred Heart, do not take My Word lightly: war is being prepared by those who believe that they lead humanity, politicians and nations.

Pray, My children, pray for Brazil, prayer is urgent for this endangered nation. Prayer to My Divine Mercy offered for this land beloved by Me and My Mother at three o’clock in the afternoon of each country, as well as the recitation of the Holy Rosary, with the offering of Holy Communion, is a  blessing for My beloved land.

Pray My children, pray for Argentina: this land that I love has disrespected Me and has disrespected My Mother, whom some of My children love so much. I asked for Argentina to be consecrated to the Sacred Hearts and this request was taken lightly. My Mother who came as an intercessor was not obeyed. What My Mother wanted with all Her Heart to hold back, was greeted with disbelief. This is why the purification will be undergone that this people are bringing about.

Pray, My children, pray for Peru: this nation is suffering from internal strife.

Pray, My children, pray for Europe: the scourge of war is spreading. Cold will come, threatening My children.

Pray for Italy and pray for Spain: they will suffer.

Pray where war causes innocent people to perish.

My people, social uprisings will spread throughout the Earth, exacerbating famine, disease, persecution and injustice. The earth will shake continually with greater intensity. At times it will shake from within the earth; at other times the hand of man will intervene, and he will be punished for his wrongdoing.

I come to the heart of each person as a beggar of love. I come in search of a place to warm My little defenseless Body. I am the King of love in search of hearts of flesh to shelter Me.

My children, I do not want fearful people, but creatures of faith, with so much faith that they are aware that “I am their God” (Ex. 3:14, Jn 8:23), and I will not abandon them. Keep your faith growing constantly. Fraternity is necessary at this time and respect is a barrier against evil. Be creatures of love, generous in patience and wanting your neighbor’s well-being.

I love you, My children, I love you. My Sacred Heart burns with love for each one of you. I bless you.

Your Jesus

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


(1) Anathema: a term of Greek origin, meaning “expulsion”, to leave outside. In the Biblical New Testament sense, it is equivalent to expelling a person from the community of Faith to which they belong.

Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters:

We are living in the most delicate of times, faced by evil’s attack on humanity, providing us with the signs and signals of the time in which we are living. Our Lord Jesus Christ presents us with a panorama of events that are perhaps taking place in neighboring countries and about which we cannot be indifferent.

Our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to be aware of the reality that is inexorably evolving around us and which is leading us to the convergence of the revelations.

There are so many natural events occurring all over the earth that were announced to us beforehand. We cannot forget war, which saps and continues, just like the prayer requests for the South American countries, which do not leave us in fear, but with the confidence and strength to pray, knowing that prayer achieves great miracles.

Our Lord calls us to persevere and not to decline in faith or fall into confusion faced with news coming from the Church Herself.

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