Statement on Fr. Michel Rodrigue

On April 23rd, 2020, Fr. Michel Rodrigue informed us that his bishop, Rev. Gilles Lemay, does not support Fr. Michel’s messages; he stated to Fr. Michel, in writing, that he does not support the idea of “the Warning, the chastisements, the third World War, the Era of Peace, any construction of refuges, et cetera.” Fr. Michel, wishing to remain obedient, has asked Countdown to the Kingdom to remove any mention on this website of his bishop’s support of his messages, which we have done.

Please note that, although we now know that Bishop Lemay “does not support” Fr. Michel’s messages, it remains true that the messages are nevertheless not condemned. There has been no formal inquiry into Fr. Michel’s locutions/visions etc. by the diocese and so, at this point, we are preserving them here on Countdown to The Kingdom because our position regarding them remains unchanged; we continue to find them important to be discerned by the Body of Christ since they constitute part of the “prophetic consensus” of seers all over the world. We will as always, however, fully submit to any formal declarations the Church may pronounce in the future. Also, no previous statements posted on this website were intended to imply that Fr. Michel’s messages had his Bishop’s explicit approval; only that Fr. Michel himself, as a priest in good standing, enjoyed the support of his Bishop. Fr. Michel’s statement that he “tells everything” to the Bishop does not, therefore, mean that the Bishop endorses any or all of Fr. Michel’s messages.

(If you have not read our Disclaimer on this website, which explains the important processes of Catholic discernment of private revelation, you can read it on our Homepage beside “Why this website?”)

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