Alicja Lenczewska – A New Age Plan

Our Lord to Alicja Lenczewska , May 23rd, 2002:



The aim of Satan’s minions active in the world is to deceive as many souls as possible and cast them into the abyss of the Evil One. Their activity encompasses all the spheres of human life from birth until the last moments in this world. It affects all God’s creations, in order to destroy, distort and cast them before Lucifer, desirous of power and revenge on God and His creations.*

I use Love and Truth, which I am, and I lead towards unity. My enemy employs hatred and falsehood. Hence it is necessary to reveal to my chosen children the principal aspects and manifestations of the Evil One’s activity. St Paul said that the main struggle since the beginning of the world had been fought on the level of spiritual elements. The external activity of evil is directed at subduing human souls, which have been given eternal life and are destined to live in God. Life on earth is a preparation for eternal life and also a free choice of the quality of that life in unity either with God or Satan.

I use Love and Truth, which I am, and I lead towards unity. My enemy employs hatred and falsehood, which are the core of his being, and he leads towards discord. You must therefore don the whole spiritual armour that St Paul mentions (Eph. 6:10–18) and cast away everything that has so much as the appearance of evil.

The spheres of life that particularly come under attack are the heart, mind and body. The heart is attacked by pride, vanity, ruthlessness, fear, rejection of spirituality, crudeness and selfishness. The mind is harassed by foolishness, superficiality, illusions, falsehood, mistrust and ignorance. The body is assailed by the belief that it is the supreme value. The body of a woman is particularly exposed to attack due to its commercialization and the conviction that it is a source of pleasure.

Satan’s activity covers:

1. Culture and art (music, fine arts, literature), fashion, interests, lifestyles and the hierarchy of values (materialism).

2. Religion—it is replaced with pagan religions** ultimately aimed at introducing the cult of Satan, served by sects, superstitions, occultism, magic, etc. and Satanism as the cult of the so-called good god who is Lucifer.

3. Social conditions—the control and enslavement of people, globalism, the manipulation of consciousness, widespread poverty, elites of power and wealth, plundering. The deification of man, of his powers, and his usurping the right to decide about life (creation and destruction), good and evil. Moreover, the work of Satan is seen in the dehumanisation of man by stripping him of the dignity of God’s child, by humiliation, degradation, the glorification of animals, manipulation and sadism.

The aim is the so-called new world—the New Age—built on principles that are the opposites of natural and divine law, having a totalitarian world government, making use of modern technologies. This is the so-called new order established by the Church of Satan.**

The fruits are visible even to rather unthinking people, even though systematic work is carried out to lower people’s sensitivity, increase indifference and deepen the sense of helplessness, so that people become accustomed to perversion, evil and cruelty and consider it all normal or even a sign of the “progress of civilization.” This is the wholesale fooling of people and pushing them into Satan’s clutches or even making them head there themselves. You, my faithful children, are called to victory with me and the Virgin Mary, participation in the renewal of the face of the earth and My triumph in human souls, thanks to your trust and heroic dedication.


* Read Taking Back God’s Creation! at The Now Word.

** Read Mark Mallett’s series on The New Paganism at The Now Word.


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