Why Alicja Lenczewska?

The Polish mystic Alicja Lenczewska was born in Warsaw in 1934 and died in 2012, her professional life being spent primarily as a teacher and associate director of a school in the northwestern city of Szczecin. Together with her brother, she started participating in the meetings of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in 1984 following the death of their mother; on March 8, 1985 Alicja's life changed radically when she encountered Jesus standing before her after receiving holy Communion. It was on this date that she began recording her mystical dialogues. Retiring in 1987, she became a member of the Family of the Heart of Love of the Crucified, making her initial vows in 1988 and perpetual vows in 2005. She was also active in evangelizing and organizing pilgrimages to Italy, the Holy Land and Medjugorje. In 2010 her mystical communications came to a conclusion, two years before her death from cancer in St John's Hospice, Szczecin on January 5, 2012.

Running to more than 1000 printed pages, Alicja's two-volume spiritual journal (Testimony (1985-1989) and Exhortations (1989-2010)) was published posthumously thanks to the efforts of the Archbishop of Szczecin Andrzej Dzięga, who established a theological commission for the evaluation of her writings, which were granted the Imprimatur by Bishop Henryk Wejman. Since their appearance in 2015 they have become best-sellers among Polish Catholics and are frequently quoted in public by clergy both for their penetrating insights into the spiritual life and their revelations concerning the contemporary world.

Messages from Alicja Lenczewska

Alicja Lenczewska – A New Age Plan

Alicja Lenczewska – A New Age Plan

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