Why An Unlikely Soul?

A North-American man, who wishes to remain anonymous, and whom we will call Walter, was once obnoxiously loud, braggadocious, and mocked the Catholic faith, even to the point of ripping his mother’s rosary beads out of her praying hands, scattering them across the floor. Then he went through a profound conversion.

One day, his friend and co-worker, Aaron, who had recently undergone a conversion in Medjugorje, handed Walter a book of Mary’s Medjugorje messages. Taking them with him to the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament during his lunch break from his job as a real-estate broker, he devoured the messages and quickly became a different man.

Soon afterwards, he announced to Aaron, “There’s a decision I have to make in my life. I need to decide if I should consecrate my life to the Mother of God.”

"That’s great, Walter,” Aaron responded, “but it’s 9 a.m., and we have work to do. We can talk about that later.”

“No, I need to make that decision right now,” and Walter took off.

An hour later, he walked back into Aaron’s office with a smile on his face and said, “I did it!”

“You did what?”

“I consecrated my life to Our Lady.”

Thus began an adventure with God and Our Lady that Walter could never have dreamed of. While Walter was driving home from work one day, an intense feeling in his chest, like a heartburn that didn’t hurt, suddenly overwhelmed him. It was a sensation of pleasure so strong that he wondered if he would have a heart attack, and so he pulled off the freeway. Then he heard a voice that he believed was God the Father: “The Blessed Mother has chosen you to be used as an instrument of God. It will bring you great trials and great suffering. Are you willing to accept this?” Walter didn’t know what this meant—only that he was being asked to be used somehow as God's instrument. Walter agreed.

Not long after that, Our Lady began to speak to him, especially after he received Holy Communion. Walter would hear her voice through interior locutions—in words as clear to him as his own—and she began to guide, shape, and teach him. Soon Our Lady began to speak through him to a weekly prayer group that grew and grew.

Now these messages, which encourage, shape, challenge, and fortify the faithful remnant of these times, the end times, are available to the world. Collectively, they are available in the book: She Who Shows the Way: Heaven’s Messages for Our Turbulent Times. The messages, which been scrutinized thoroughly by several priests and found free of all doctrinal error, are wholeheartedly endorsed by Archbishop Emeritus Ramón C. Argüelles of Lipa.

Messages from An Unlikely Soul

A Great Turning Point in the Fate of Your Nation

A Great Turning Point in the Fate of Your Nation

Mortifications are little flowers of love.
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Many of you will witness the joyous return of my Son.

Many of you will witness the joyous return of my Son.

Cling tightly to me. The enemy’s reign is about over.
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