Alicja – On the Warning

Our Lord to Alicja Lenczewska :

The Immaculate Heart of My Mother will Triumph… the Dawn and Spring of the Holy Church is coming… A purification will be given that will bring the Sons of Darkness to the LIGHT OF GOD’S TRUTH, and every person will, according to their own will in the Light of that Truth, have to choose the Kingdom of My Father or give themselves over eternally to the father of lies… Mary is the one through whom will come the REBIRTH OF MY CHURCH, so that it would shine with the FULL SPENDOR of GOD’S HOLINESS. —June 8, 2002
Satan and his servants will rejoice—as they rejoiced then in Jerusalem. But the time of their apparent victory will be short, for the Morning will come of the Resurrection of the Holy Church, Immortal, giving birth to New Life on Earth—the HOLINESS of my Children.”  —November 11, 2,000
Messages were approved by the Polish Hierarchy in 2017. From the second volume of Alicja’s messages, “Exhortations” (Slowa Pouczenia).


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