An Unlikely Soul – Your chief weapons against the demon of pride

Our Lady to An Unlikely Soul on September 21, 1994:

This message is one of many locutions that were given to a weekly prayer group. Now the messages are being shared with the world:

My beautiful children, it is I, your Mother, who speaks with you this day. I am truly in your presence, and I bless each and every one of you. I caress you, and I pray to God for what is best for your souls.

The Truth is wondrous news to a world enveloped in darkness, the blindness of pride, and this blindness is the most effective means the enemy has to darken souls. But be not in fear of the winter, for spring shall soon arrive. The door has been opened, and the path lays before you. I will assist you along this glorious and beautiful path. Its brightness expels the dark and slowly cleanses your souls and prepares them for their destination.

Your chief weapons against this demon of pride, my children, are prayer, fasting, the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, and the grace of an intense desire for humility. Cultivate this, my children, for this demon truly prowls about you, and he leaps at the slightest invitation. Pray that all you do, all serious endeavors, are united to and work through the will of God. Self-will bears bad fruit, and it always ends with mouths full of dust and hearts heavy with despair.

A sure test as to whether you truly do the Father’s will is not necessarily challenges, for good and evil are always in opposition; even evil is challenged. Look, rather, to what those challenges produce in you and those around you. If those challenges produce anxiety, envy, hatred, jealousies, frustrations, know that in this, the Father’s will is not present. But if it produces sorrow, a desire for healing, a concern for others, and a quiet humility and trust that God’s will be done . . . these are the good signs. I do not mean that you must not persevere against challenges. This is always needed, my children, for to do the will of the Father is always difficult. But I give you these tests to search your hearts and to beg our God for what is needed.

I leave you now, my children, with my blessings, and I thank you for your prayers and your devotion. Good-bye.

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