Angela – Convert, Do Not Waste Any More Time

Our Lady of Zaro to Angela on October 8, 2022:

This evening, the Virgin Mary appeared all dressed in white; the mantle that enveloped her was white as well and also covered her head. Mother had her hands joined in prayer; in her hands was a long holy rosary, white as light, that went almost down to her feet. Her feet were bare and rested on the world. Mother was surrounded by many angels, and an immense light not only enveloped her but illuminated the whole forest, which was as if enchanted. The angels were singing a very sweet melody and the sound could be heard of a bell ringing festively. The bell was on my left side, exactly where the Virgin has shown it to me before and where she wishes it to be placed. Mother had a beautiful smile, but her eyes were sad. Praised be Jesus Christ… 
Dear children, thank you for being here, in my blessed forest, on this day so dear to me. Dearly beloved children, this evening I am praying with you and for you; I pray for all your intentions and for all those who have entrusted themselves to your prayers. My children, this evening I again say to you with love: convert, do not waste any more time. Unfortunately, with great sorrow and regret I say to you once more: hard times await you. By this, I do not want to frighten you, but only to prepare you. I love you and am beside each child [person] who invokes me. Children, my heart is torn with pain on seeing so many praying only with their mouths and not with their hearts. Please, children, open your hearts to me; grasp my hands and let us walk together. The prince of this world wants to destroy all that is good, but do not fear. When you are tired and your strength begins to fail, run to my Son Jesus. He is present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. That is where He is silently waiting for you. Kneel down before Him and love Him. Love Him with all your strength and with all your heart. His is beating with love day and night for each one of you.
Then Mother asked me to pray for our local church and for the universal Church. In conclusion, she blessed everyone.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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