Angela – Do Not Blame God

Our Lady of Zaro to Angela on December 8, 2022:

This evening, Mother appeared as the Immaculate Conception. Mother had her arms open in a sign of welcome; in her right hand was a long Holy Rosary, white as light. On her head was a beautiful crown of twelve shining stars. 
Mother had a beautiful smile, but you could see from her face that she was very sad, as if stricken with grief. The Virgin Mary had bare feet that were placed on the world [the globe]. On the world was the snake, which was shaking its tail hard. Mother was holding it firmly with her right foot. Praise be to Jesus Christ… 

Dear children, thank you for being here in my blessed forest on this day that is so dear to me. Dearly beloved children, I love you, I love you immensely. Today I spread my mantle over all of you as a sign of protection. I wrap you in my mantle, just as a mother does with her children. My beloved children, hard times await you, times of trial and pain. Dark times, but do not fear. I am beside you and hold you close to me. My dearly beloved children, everything bad that happens is not a chastisement from God. God is not sending chastisements [at the moment]. Everything bad that is happening is caused by human wickedness. God loves you, God is Father and each one of you is precious in His eyes. God is love, God is peace, God is joy. Please, children, bend your knees and pray! Do not blame God. God is the Father of all and loves everyone.

Then Mother asked me to pray together with her. As I prayed with the Virgin Mary I saw visions passing before my eyes. After praying together, Mother made a sign to me to look at a specific spot. I saw Jesus on the Cross. She said to me, “Daughter, look at Jesus, let us pray together, let us make silent adoration.” From the Cross, Jesus looked at His mother, and meanwhile, I kept seeing everything bad that was happening in the world. Then Mother spoke again:

Dearly beloved children, make your life a continuous prayer. Learn to thank God for everything you have. Thank Him for everything. [1]cf. St. Paul’s Little Way

Then Mother stretched out her arms and prayed over those present. In conclusion, she gave her blessing.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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