Angela – I Appear To Prepare My Little Army

Our Lady of Zaro to Angela on July 26th, 2022:

This afternoon, Mother appeared all dressed in white; the mantle wrapped around her was also white, wide and covered her head as well. On her head was a crown of twelve stars. Mother had her hands clasped in prayer; in her hands was a long holy rosary, white as light, going almost down to her feet. Her feet were bare and placed on the world. On the world, scenes of wars and violence could be seen. Mother slowly slid a part of her mantle over the world, covering it. May Jesus Christ be praised…
Dear children, thank you for being here in my blessed woods; thank you for having welcomed and responded to this call of mine. Dearly beloved children, if I am here among you it is through God’s immense mercy. My children, I am here this afternoon to give you peace, peace of heart. Please children, open your hearts to me and let me in. My children, hard times await you, times of trial and pain, but do not be frightened. If I tell you these things it is in order to prepare you, not to make you frightened. The prince of this world is getting stronger and stronger, pulling many into deception. Please, children, do not let your minds be clouded by the false beauties of this world: they are fleeting. My beloved children, I am here by grace, by the Father’s immense grace; I appear in various parts of the world to prepare my little earthly army. Dearly beloved children, today I again invite you to pray for my beloved Church. Pray for her, pray that the true Magisterium would not be lost.
At this point, Mother asked me to pray together with her. I prayed for those present and for the Church, then Mother resumed speaking.
Dearly beloved children, please continue to form prayer cenacles. Pray, children.
Then Mother stretched out her arms and blessed everyone.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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