Angela – Pray and Watch With Me

Our Lady of Zaro to Angela on April 8, 2023 [Holy Saturday]:

This evening the Virgin Mary appeared as the Mother of Sorrows. Her hands were clasped in prayer, in her hands was a long rosary, as if made of light, that reached almost down to her feet. On her chest was a heart crowned with thorns. The Virgin Mary was enveloped in a great light. Her face was sad, her eyes were full of tears, but despite her pain and suffering, she was of an indescribable beauty, her tenderness unique. May Jesus Christ be praised… 

Dear children, watch with me as you wait, watch in silence. Children, be strong in faith, do not lose hope. Many will be the trials that you will have to face, but do not fear, I am with you. You are under my maternal gaze, you are under my protection.

My children, pray, pray without ever tiring, let your lives be prayer. This evening I ask you once again to pray for my beloved Church and for all my chosen and favored sons [priests]. My children, prayer is the strength of the Church, prayer is necessary for your salvation. Persevere, but above all be united.

Then Mother asked me to pray with her. We prayed for a long time, then she resumed speaking:

Children, this day is coming to an end…(as she said this, she knelt down).

She resumed speaking and said:

Pray and watch with me.


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