Angela – The Trial has Now Come

Our Lady of Zaro to Angela on March 8th, 2021:

This evening Mother appeared all dressed in white. She was wrapped in a very large blue mantle; the same mantle also covered her head. On her chest Mother had a heart of flesh crowned with thorns. Her hands were joined in prayer and in her hands she had a long white holy rosary, as if made of light, that went down almost to her feet. Her feet were bare and were placed on the world, Mother’s face was sad, but a very beautiful smile was hiding her pain. May Jesus Christ be praised…

Dear children, here I am once again among you. Children, these are times of prayer and penance, these are times of conversion and return to the Lord. Children, as a mother I take you by the hand and lead you on the path of good: do not be deceived by the false beauties of this world. Children, this evening I again ask you to pray for my beloved Church; pray, children, pray that the forces of evil which are threatening and trying to destroy her might move away from her. Pray for my chosen and favored sons [priests].

My children, multiply prayer cenacles, which I increasingly ask you to form and to nourish with the Holy Rosary; pray so that the Storm awaiting you might move away from your families. In every cenacle I am there, giving you peace and love. My children, the trial has now come and it is for everyone, but remain firm in the faith. Children, when you feel tired and oppressed, do not be discouraged but take refuge in prayer; feed each day on my Son Jesus who is refreshment for the soul and for the body. Learn to pause in silence before Jesus; do not waste words but listen to his voice, Jesus speaks in silence.

Then I prayed with Mother and after praying I commended to her all those who had commended themselves to my prayers. Finally she blessed everyone. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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