Angela – The Word is to be Lived

Our Lady of Zaro di Ischia to Angela on January 26, 2023:

This afternoon, Mother appeared all dressed in white; the mantle that enveloped her was also white. It was wide and covered her head as well. On her head, the Virgin Mary had a crown of twelve shining stars. Mother had her arms outstretched as a sign of welcome. In her right hand was a long holy rosary, white as light. On her chest was a heart of flesh crowned with thorns. The Virgin Mary had bare feet that were placed on the world [globe]. On the world was the serpent shaking its tail loudly, but the Virgin Mary was holding it firmly with her right foot. On the world there could be seen scenes of wars and violence. Mother made a slight movement and covered the world with part of her broad mantle. May Jesus Christ be praised… 
Dear children, thank you for being here in my blessed woods. I love you children, I love you immensely. My children, I am here by God’s immense mercy, I am here because I love you.  Dearly beloved children, today I again ask you for prayer, prayer for this world enveloped by evil. My dearly beloved children, I ask you to learn to be silent; allow me to speak and learn to listen. Live out my messages. Dearly beloved children, this afternoon I again ask you to live the Sacraments, to listen to the Word, to keep it. The Word is to be lived, not changed or interpreted.
Dearly beloved children, today I again say to you : “Hard times await you, times of pain and returning to God.” Convert before it is too late. God is love and is waiting for you with open arms; do not make Him wait any longer. Dearly beloved children, look at Jesus on the Cross. Learn to remain silent before Him. Allow Him to speak. Learn to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. He is there waiting for you silently night and day. Dearly beloved children, when I say to you, “Hard times await you,” it is not in order to put fear in you but to shake you, to prepare you. Pray, children, make your life a continuous prayer. Let your life be prayer. Be witnesses, not so much with your words that are not needed, but with your life.
Then Mother asked me to pray together with her about the fate of this world. As I was praying with her, I had various visions of the world. Then Mother resumed speaking.
Children, today I pass among you, I touch your hearts and bless you. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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