Angela – These Are the Times I Have Long Predicted

Our Lady of Zaro di Ischia to Angela on March 26, 2024:

This afternoon the Virgin Mary appeared as the Queen and Mother of All Peoples. She had a pink dress and a huge blue-green mantle that also covered her head. On her head was a crown of twelve shining stars. On her chest, the Virgin Mary had a heart of flesh crowned with thorns. Her hands were clasped in prayer; in her hands was a long holy rosary, white as light; it went down almost to her bare feet, which were placed on the globe. The globe was wrapped in a large gray cloud; the Virgin Mary had a very sad face and her eyes were full of tears: a tear was running down her face. May Jesus Christ be praised…

Dear children, I love you, I love you immensely. Beloved children, live this Holy Week together with me in waiting and silence, in contemplation, in prayer. Children, intensify your prayers: be men and women of prayer. May your lives be prayer.

Children, these are the times that I have long predicted to you; these are the times of trial and pain. Pray children, pray much for peace, which is increasingly distant and threatened by the powerful of this earth. Children, my heart is torn with pain at seeing so much evil, at seeing so many innocent people dying.

At this point, the Virgin Mary asked me to pray with her. While I was praying with Mother I saw scenes of war and violence. Then Mother started speaking again.

Children, do not be afraid; I am beside you and take you by the hand. Do not be afraid of the cross — the cross edifies, the cross saves. Jesus my Son died on the Cross for each one of you, He died out of love. This is why I say to you: “do not be afraid”.

Beloved children, please convert: convert, children, and return to God. Only God saves: do not put your trust in false prophets.

In conclusion, the Virgin blessed everyone.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



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