Angela – This is Your Weapon

Our Lady of Zaro to Angela on June 26th, 2021:

This afternoon Mother appeared all dressed in white; she was wrapped in a large blue mantle. The same mantle also covered her head; on her head was a crown of twelve stars.
Mother had her arms open as a sign of welcome; in her right hand she had a long white rosary, as if made of light, that went down almost to her feet.
Her feet were bare and were placed on the world. May Jesus Christ be praised…

Dear children, thank you that today you have again come to my blessed woods. Dearly beloved children, today I come to you as the Mother of Divine Love. I am here to give you peace and serenity. I am here to receive all your prayers and take them to my Son Jesus.

Dearly beloved children, today I again ask you to pray for humanity that is ever further from God and increasingly reaching out to sin. My children, the prince of this world wants you to turn away from God; he is increasingly casting nets of deception in order to make you fall into sin and to separate you from God. My children, you are children of light: do not let yourselves be deceived by the false beauties of this world that promise you more and more but give you nothing. My Son Jesus gave Hhis life for each one of you and would do so again. Instead, faced with your small daily difficulties, you are immediately frightened and rebel, and often you offend God.

Little children, I have been among you for a long time; I have taught you to pray, but above all I have insistently asked you to trust. Hold the holy rosary tightly in your hands (showing the rosary she had in her right hand): this is your weapon against evil. Prayer is a very strong weapon together with the Sacraments. Feed on my Son Jesus every day; please do not be caught unprepared. Hard times await you and if you are not strong in faith, you will easily fall. 

Then I prayed with Mother [then she] blessed everyone.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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