Edson – A Great Storm

Our Lady Queen of the Rosary and of Peace Edson Glauber on November 7th, 2020:

Peace, my beloved children, peace! My children, I your Mother come from Heaven with my Son Jesus to bless you and to give peace to your hearts in your tribulations and trials. My Son Jesus is peace. He is the true path that leads to Heaven. Be of God. Worship God with all your heart and He will heal your hearts and souls. Pray the Rosary every day for the Holy Church and for the whole world. I bless your families so that all evil would be banished from all of them at this time. Trust in the love of my Son Jesus and He will bless you and grant you great graces. A Great Storm will strike the Holy Church and many ministers of God will lose their faith in a terrible way, and they will be persecuted because of their own mistakes and disobedience towards God. Pray much, much, much, and good will triumph over all evil. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
Note from Edson:
Dear brothers and sisters, Our Immaculate Mother requests that from the 9th to the 13th of November we pray 50 Magnificats and fast on bread and water: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All of this for a particular intention known to Our Lady. Let us help our Holy Mother to triumph against all evil in this time of sin and trouble, and let us also include our intentions, because great graces will be granted to us.

Jesus to Edson Glauber on November 6th, 2020:

Today I went to a certain Church for Holy Mass. On arrival, there was a gentleman who was cleaning the hands of the faithful with alcohol. During the moment of communion, when everyone was preparing to receive Jesus in their hands, this man, more than ever, began to spray alcohol on everyone’s hands without stopping for a single moment. It was then that I heard the voice of Jesus who said to me:
My son, my Body is Sacrosanct. Do I not deserve a little respect? How my Heart suffers. See what they are doing. I am the Living Bread come down from heaven, insulted and offended by so many in these times. They do not realize that I am God and that for every act of outrage and irreverence committed against Me, against my Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, they will be blamed and judged. All this is an action of Satan that has made many bow to evil and accept it regardless of My honor, glory and majesty. Pray and make reparation for many who offend Me.

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