Edson Glauber – Eucharistic Battlefront

Message of Jesus and Our Lady to Edson Glauber on June 14, 2020:
I AM is here with you all!
I do marvels and wonders [in return] for a drop of love from your hearts. My love is great. My love is eternal. Will you deny Me a drop of your love?
Many will deny Me and will tell you that I am no longer important to anyone. They will say that I am an invention of the Catholic Church and will prevent many of you from receiving Me in the Eucharist. They will exchange Me for a cheap imitation, but I tell you: My Body is real food and My Blood is real drink.* Whoever does not eat of My Body and drink of My Blood will not live eternally and will have no part with Me in the glory of My Kingdom.
I call you to be souls of Eucharistic reparation. I will be united with everyone in your homes, as it will be in your homes that many of you will find Me and truly worship Me in times of difficulty and persecutions, because in many Churches many will not be worshiping Me, the True God.
The Blessed Mother told us:
My Son Jesus is making His cry of warning to the world: wake up, my children, before the agents of Satan take the great Eucharistic treasure from your midst. Do not allow it. Fight with all your strength against all evil!
Many priests, prepared by my Son and Me, will be united with you so that you will not be left without the true Eucharistic food. You will help them on the material level and they will help you on the spiritual.
Take care of and welcome these priests as a great gift from My Son granted to each one of you.
We bless you!
* John 6:55
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