Edson Glauber – Fatima Will Now be Fulfilled

Our Lady Queen of the Rosary and Peace to Edson Glauber on July 4, 2020:

The Blessed Mother—so beautiful, so lovely and full of grace—came from heaven to communicate her message to all humanity.
Peace to your heart!
My son, the times of great trials have arrived and many are blind, deaf and dumb to the works of heaven, because Satan has succeeded in leading them away from the Lord’s path, blinding them with his infernal lies and errors.
What I said in Fatima and now to you in my many apparitions will be realized, and humanity will go through its greatest moment of pain and terrible persecutions.
Do not be afraid of the trials: do not be anxious, but look at my Son Jesus nailed to the cross and you will find the strength and grace to endure everything through his divine love, without ever denying his words and his eternal truths. Remember: whoever denies the truth does not deserve to be with God in heaven, but with the father of lies in the fires of hell. Do not deny the truth and what you have received from my Divine Son, for whoever denies the truth is making a liar out of God, and he does not love falsehood.
Many today are fighting the truth, because they live by lies and horrible errors; they have been contaminated by Satan’s mortal poison and are his instruments in this world in order to accomplish what he wants: to destroy the divine works of the Lord. Pray, pray, pray, my son, and God will grant the world his grace and his forgiveness, so that many closed hearts might open and convert to his love. I desire the conversion of each heart, I wish to save you from the great calamities that may befall you very soon. Do not be deaf to my call as a Mother, for I am very concerned about the destiny of your souls and your eternal salvation. Change your lives and return to the Heart of my Divine Son in repentance, and he will grant you his forgiveness. Convert now!
I bless you and give you my peace: in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 
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