Edson Glauber – Many Are Being Sifted

Our Lady Queen of the Rosary and of Peace to Edson Glauber , May 6, 2020 in Manaus, Brazil:
Peace to your heart!
My son, I come to you to talk about the great love of God that is insulted, rejected and forgotten. Many of my children have banished God from their lives: they no longer worship Him and do not recognize Him as the Lord of their lives. The spiritual blindness is so great that many are insensitive and their hearts are closed to the Lord, being deaf to his call.
The Holy Church is going through its most painful and terrible time, being attacked, fought and silenced. But the greatest danger does not come from outside, it comes from those who are inside her, placed in her midst to reduce her to nothing, leaving many believers without Divine food, without light and without hope, so that their faith would decline. Woe to those who allow Holy Mother Church to be darkened and subjected to wicked laws that are against divine ordinances and against the Lord’s teachings.
Woe to those who are not zealous for the honor and glory of God and think more of themselves, wanting to save their own lives. They are concerned with saving the body, but their souls are blacker than coal. They speak of obedience, but of worldly obedience that comes from men, rather than divine obedience that comes from God.
Many are being sifted. God in his infinite wisdom winnows out the wicked and drives the [threshing] wheel over them (Proverbs 20:26). God is showing many the reality of their own souls before Him: those who have faith and believe, and those who do not have it and are unbelievers, because they have lived  by appearances alone. Whoever does not have faith and does not live by it is without a sure direction in their life, because it is faith that guides the soul to the safe port of salvation, that leads to heaven.
How many empty souls [there are], without light, without a secure foundation, foolish, who have built their house on sand, full of the vain illusions of the world and ideological and philosophical thinking contrary to the teachings of my Divine Son, instead of having built it on the solid and sure rock of faith. “He who does not believe will be condemned”, are the words that my Divine Son said to all those who refused to accept His extraordinary and His holy teachings that divinize men. Whoever refuses to believe, refuses God himself and his love, and cannot merit his blessing or participate in the benefits of his graces and glory. The one who believes participates in the mystery of love and unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who communicates to souls his gifts and his fruits that beautify, sanctify and perfect them more and more.
Be faithful and obedient to the Lord, and many will be witnesses of his marvels and wonders on behalf of his people, for the Lord is the God of the living and not of the dead, because for Him all are alive.* May my peace and my love remain with you.
I bless you!
* Luke 20:38. [Translator’s note.]
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