Edson Glauber – Pray Intensely

Our Lady to Edson Glauber on September 29, 2020:

At 4:00 pm, the Blessed Mother came again from heaven, at the time of her usual afternoon apparition. She had the Baby Jesus in her arms and the two of them came accompanied by St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael. She gave us another message:
Peace my beloved children, peace!
My children, I your Mother am tireless, and I invite you to prayer and conversion. Commit to God and the kingdom of heaven, for He alone can give you salvation and eternal life. Be obedient to the Lord’s calls; be men and women who pray more and more in order to make reparation for the sins of the world. Wake up. Change your lives, listen to my calls, because it may be that later you will not have the same grace and opportunity that God is giving you now.
Take your Rosaries and pray intensely, for those who pray will know how to endure the time of terrible trials without being overwhelmed and without losing faith.
Believe, my children, in the love of God, for his love can save the world from great evils and can transform your lives. Pray, pray, pray, for great pains and persecutions will arrive very soon, and happy will be all those who have always lived in God’s grace. Change your lives and return to God.
I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
The Blessed Mother woke me at 03:00 and talked with me until 05:30. I heard her voice telling me this message and other personal things which I cannot write about, related to her work, about people who are acting in secret, about whom I must be careful, and about the destiny of the world. As a loving and caring Mother, she instructed me and asked me to convey her message to the people present in the Sanctuary.
Peace to your heart!
My son, I have come from heaven to grant you my blessing. I have come from heaven to tell the whole world that God exists and is no longer loved, adored or even respected.
The Lord has recently received many insults and offenses, and few are those who dedicate themselves [to Him] and make an effort to offer Him just and due reparation. Many people do their own will rather than the Lord’s will. They are not yet converted and are far from the way of Salvation.
Those who visit the site of my apparitions without a spirit of prayer and without the desire for conversion cannot merit heaven’s blessings or graces, as they are acting like hypocrites before the Lord. They want God’s blessings and help, but they are not making the slightest effort to correct their errors and sins. Without conversion there is no salvation. Without a change of life and without sincere repentance for your sins, leaving behind you all wrong things and the life of sin, you cannot merit the kingdom of heaven.
I now ask each of my children who are here, each one individually: what have you come here to do? Have you come and entered the Lord’s Sanctuary as a true child of God or as a child of the world following the path of perdition that leads to the fire of hell? Have you entered the Lord’s Sanctuary to be truly converted, or are you still following the counsel of the wicked, walking in the way of sinners and gathering with the scoffers?[1]Psalm 1:1
Remember: the wicked are like straw blown by the wind and will not survive the judgment, nor will sinners have a part in the congregation of the righteous.[2]Psalm 1:4-5
Lord, who will enter your sanctuary? Who can dwell on your Holy Mountain? Those who are upright in their conduct, who practise what is just and who speak the truth from their heart, who do not use their tongue to defame, do no harm to their fellow men and do not slander their neighbor.[3]Psalm 15:1-3
All the paths of the Lord are love and truth for those who hold to his covenant and his testimonies.
Conversion means leaving all wrong things forever out of love for God and not looking back at a life of errors and sins renounced in order to follow in his footsteps.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.[4]Hebrews 13:8With my Son Jesus Christ, united to his love, everything will always be possible. Without him, you will be carried away by every kind of strange doctrine,[5]Ephesians 4:14 because whoever does not have a heart fortified by grace will never have the strength to resist evil and will always fall into sin and turn away from the truth, living in lies and in a life of denying God.
I am calling you to God. Convert without delay. I bless you, my son, and I give you my peace!

September 20, 2020

Peace, my beloved children, peace!
My children, this is not the time for doubts and uncertainties, but the time for you to commit yourselves to God, to change your hearts in his love and to live out your conversion in a life of surrender and holiness. I have already given you so many signs: now be children of prayer and faith and set an example of completely belonging to me.
Be truly Eucharistic souls in order to be truly my children who are united to my Immaculate Heart. The more you worship my Son in the Eucharistic Sacrament, the more the Holy Spirit will unite with you and enlighten you, showing you the way forward and what to do.
I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

September 19, 2020

Peace to your heart!
My son, once again heaven comes to speak to you; once again God allows you to unite with Heaven in order to receive love, peace, blessings and graces. In these encounters, no human mind can understand the Lord’s benevolence and his greatness.
God speaks to you through me: God calls you and all humanity to conversion. God desires the sanctity of all his children, that they might live a life of conversion and sincere repentance before the terrible day of his justice arrives, which will punish every sin and every action committed against his divine will. 
Nothing will escape his divine judgment.
Pray, my son, pray for those who have abandoned God and his holy way. Pray for those who no longer want to know about heaven, but live obsessed by the world, by its false joys and pleasures that save nothing but lead to the fires of hell.
Satan is destroying many souls with sin; many of them are caught in his hellish traps and have no strength to break free from his clutches. Pray and sacrifice yourself for the conversion of sinners, so that many souls would repent of their sins, would ask God for forgiveness and return to the right path.
Souls are precious to God and to me, his Mother in Heaven. Save them with your prayers, with your sacrifices and penances, helping them to find the holy path of heaven that leads to the Heart of my Son Jesus.
I am at your side to grant you my love and my maternal assistance. I love you and I give you my love, so that you would take it to all my children who need it: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 
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