Edson Glauber – The Church’s Purification

Our Lady to Edson Glauber on June 20th, 2020: 
Peace to your heart!
My son, pray much and allow me to tell your heart my painful call to all my children in the whole world. With the departure of Pope Benedict XVI from the Vatican[1], God is giving a signal to Catholics around the world that He is about to punish the Holy Church and humanity in a most terrible way, because of sins, scandals and corruptions; and the false stone will break in half[2], because it was not the real one and it was not grounded in Christ, my Son.
All men and women of goodwill bow their knees to the ground, because the son of darkness is receiving the power of the father of lies to act and bring pain, suffering and terrible persecutions to the Holy Church and to all humanity. There will be few who will remain faithful on God’s path. Many will betray eternal truths out of fear of pain and persecution, and they will be the ones who will no longer live the teachings that my Son Jesus left in His Holy Church. This is the time when the devil is mocking the Ministers of God who have became cowardly and let themselves be overcome by the authority of men, disobeying the authority of God, not having the full courage to defend the rights of the Lord, because they did not love the truth that they preached, and many of them have been living only by appearances, offending the Lord with a double life of error, full of sins.
Pray, pray and make reparation for the terrible sins of the world, for God’s justice is coming in a way never seen before, and intensely upon all the Ministers of God and on all humanity, and when it reaches them, stone will not be left on stone, because they did not listen to me, offending the Heart of my Divine Son and my Immaculate Heart.
I bless you, my son. Remain with the peace of my maternal Heart and with my protection for you and your whole family!
Before leaving, the Holy Mother, comforted my heart with these words that entered into and moved my heart:
Glauber, pray for the Pope. Glauber, have faith and live up to your baptismal name, the name with which God enlightened your parents[3] and with which you will be known until the end of your life. Faith, faith, faith, my son, Glauber! … Be an example of faith to all the people of Amazonia, Glauber, and in the end, my son Jesus will give you the reward of those who have never doubted and always trusted in the power of His name and His divine love.

Translator’s notes: 

1. The words “departure from the Vatican” almost certainly refer to Benedict XVI’s current journey to visit his ailing elder brother Msgr Georg Ratzinger in Regensburg, Germany. This is the first time that Benedict has left Italy since his retirement: www.catholicnewsagency.com. The current message should not be taken as implying that the Church entered into schism or apostasy with Benedict XVI’s abdication, as since 2013 the Pope Emeritus has been living at the Mater Ecclesiae monastery within Vatican City.
2. Note that it is only the “false stone” that will break in half, whereas the Church is still referred to as “Holy;” thus, this message to Glauber clearly cannot be construed as describing the Church itself, under Francis, as “the false stone.”
3. “Glauber” means “believer” in German.
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