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Queen of the Rosary and Peace to Edson Glauber on June 6, 2020:
The Blessed Virgin appeared today accompanied by three people: two men and one woman. The two men were Renato Baron (1) and Bruno Cornacchiola (2), and the woman was Adelaide Roncalli (3). The Blessed Virgin gave me the following message this evening :
Peace to your heart!
My son, pray for the Holy Church, pray for all those who feel abandoned and not loved by her, so that they would not lose their faith. The Devil has succeeded in making many souls lose their love for the Holy Church, because of the many Ministers of God who have hurt and scandalized them with their harsh words, with their unyielding and loveless actions, and with their contradictory behavior which goes against what they had taught many of them. Intercede for the salvation of souls. God will ask much of his Ministers, for every ruined and faithless soul, due to the mistakes and sins they [his Ministers] have committed.
The many errors and heresies gathered from the various pagan religions as if they were true do not make Ecumenism, nor the various ways of praying of each one of them, as if they were all addressed to the same True God, the One who created Heaven and earth. There are so many religions in the world, but the true doctrine of salvation, taught by my Divine Son, is one alone, and it is that which is found in your Church, which is Catholic. Whoever does not believe in this truth and does not accept this faith will not be saved.*
The sins of my Son’s Ministers and their lack of faith, allowing themselves to be overcome by the pagan ideas and teachings of the world, are drawing great calamities and pains to many of them.
At this moment I saw a lot of blood, which was flooding the square of St. Peter’s Basilica in all directions. The Vatican turned red with blood: nothing was spared. As the blood was spreading, I heard gunshots, screams and saw sharpened knives and swords bathed in this blood and many, many severed heads, fallen on the ground.
A voice spoke to me, shouting: BLOOD IN THE VATICAN!
Then I saw blood and persecution taking place in many parts of the world, and the same voice screamed aloud: BLOOD AND PERSECUTION OF THE BRIDE OF THE LAMB IN MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD!
Jesus crucified appeared, as on Calvary, and the Blessed Virgin knelt before her Son on the cross and wept, pleading for the Holy Church and for all her sons and daughters who will have to undergo such sufferings, pains and persecutions, so that they would be strong and faithfully keep the testimony of her Divine Son. I heard the voice of Jesus on the cross, saying: EVERYTHING WILL BE FULFILLED ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES! 
Our Lady spoke to me again: 
Love, my children, love can change the most difficult situations in the world. The love of my Son can save your families from the great storms that have already arrived and that will affect the Church and the world in a way never seen before. I am the Queen of the Family, I am the Queen of Love, I am the Virgin of Revelation! …. I am one alone, and with my Immaculate Heart full of love and concern for your happiness and eternal salvation, I tell you to accept and live out my appeals of supplication communicated to you all in my many apparitions in the past and in the present, now, in many regions of the world. I bless you: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
* Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (outside the Church there is no salvation) is, and always has been, Catholic dogma; however, this dogma should be understood in light of Lumen Gentium and other relevant Magisterium, which teach that, although the Catholic Faith is indeed objectively necessary for salvation, those who are invincibly ignorant of either the truth of the Faith or its necessity for salvation are not condemned merely because they were not explicitly members of the Catholic Church upon their death.

Translator’s footnotes:

1. Renato Baron (1932-2004) was the seer associated with Marian apparitions in Schio, Italy (1985-2004) that the Church has not recognized, although a diocesan priest is the spiritual assistant of the “Queen of Love Marian Movement” established in Schio.
2. Servant of God Bruno Cornacchiola (1913-2001) was a Seventh-Day Adventist and anti-Catholic apologist intent on killing Pope Pius XII before he experienced a dramatic conversion on seeing the “Virgin of Revelation” together with his three children in Tre Fontane in the suburbs of Rome in 1947. His beatification process was opened in 2017. The Italian author Saverio Gaeta has recently undertaken the first study of Bruno Cornacchiola’s journal held in the archives of the Vatican, which contains many prophetic messages and accounts of dreams and visions, some of which are not unlike the present one shared by Edson Glauber.
3. Adelaide Roncalli (1937-2014) was seven years old when she claimed to see 13 apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Ghiaie di Bonate in 1944, which drew massive crowds to the Italian village. She subsequently retracted her account of events, although Adelaide later said that this retractation was done under duress. In the messages to Edson Glauber, these apparitions were referred to as being authentic: in 2019 the Bishop of Bergamo authorized public worship in the chapel dedicated to “Mary, Queen of the Family” at the apparition site.
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