Eduardo – Always Forgive

Our Lady Rosa Mystica, Queen of Peace to Eduardo Ferreira in Sao José dos Pinhais, Brazil, July 12, 2023:

Peace, my children, I wish you all peace. My children, how often have I asked you to forgive your neighbor? What a lack of forgiveness there still is in your hearts. Listen to the voice of this Mother who has come to this place to ask for peace. You have asked for peace, but your hearts are full of wounds and doubts. Forgive, my children, always forgive. I am the Mother of forgiveness. I forgave all those who mistreated and killed my Divine Son. If your requests are not answered, it is because forgiveness is still lacking in your hearts. On this day, I invite you to forgive and to love. I am your Mother, the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace.
With love, I bless you.


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