Eduardo – My Love is Immense

Jesus to Eduardo Ferreira on October 29, 2023:

Beloved [singular], at this moment I look at My children who do not love Me, who do not want to be with Me, who do not hear My voice. The number of children is growing who make My Heart immensely sad. How many there are who start out on My path, but then turn away and no longer want Me.
Beloved [plural], I warn you: My love is immense, My mercy is infinite, but I am just and faithful and I am not blind. I see everything. Be faithful and just towards everyone. Hear My voice, listen to it. Do not turn a deaf ear. You will be forgiven if you seek humility and humble yourselves before your Savior. I will forgive you through the merits of My painful wounds and by My mercy. I am Jesus of Nazareth.
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