Eduardo – Persevere With Prayer

Our Lady Queen of Peace to Eduardo Ferreira on February 12, 2023 (35th anniversary of the apparitions): 

Peace, dear children. On this day of blessings commemorating the 35th anniversary of my apparitions to this son of mine, I invite you to pray with me for your families. My children, as Mother and Queen, I insist on the prayer of the Rosary, not only in your families, but also here. My children, I invite you to walk with love and trust on the road where I am the one leading you to Jesus. Do not be afraid, my children — I am here and I am your Mother, the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace, Queen of families. My children, today my heart overflows with joy to see so many children in this sanctuary of mine. Persevere with your prayers. Do not be discouraged. Courage, my children. I am with you, even though you do not see me. My children, I invite you once again to pray for my beloved sons and priests. Pray. Pray. Pray in your families. Pray during your work. I also invite you to pray for the poor souls in purgatory. I see that many have not taken seriously these messages that I have been bringing here to Sao José dos Pinhais. Give good testimony, not only in this sanctuary but also in your homes. Take these messages with you affectionately. I do not want to lose sight of you: our adversary has set traps to keep you away from me. Pray. Pray. With love I bless you.
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