Eduardo – Pray the Rosary

Our Lady to Eduardo Ferreira in Sao José dos Pinhais (Brazil) on March 12, 2023:

Peace. My children, during these years that I have been with you, I have realized that many of you have not yet understood my coming to this nation. My children, pray the Rosary. Give good testimony. Only thus will you conquer souls for God. I come to this city to invite you to be bearers of peace. My Jesus also invites you to be proclaimers of the Gospel. Do not be afraid to face the Pharisees of today.

I am your Mother, the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace. My children, take with affection these messages that continue to be given here with so much love. Allow me, the gardener of the Lord, to continue to sow these messages in hearts that want to have me as their Mother and Queen. Pray, pray. Do not waste the graces that I have been pouring out here at Jesus’s request. Yes, Jesus, my Divine Son, has asked me to stay a little longer in this city. Receive my maternal blessing with affection. With love I bless you.

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