Eduardo – You must pray, You Must Do Penance

The Virgin Mary, Rosa Mystica & Queen of Peace, to Eduardo Ferreira on April 27, 2024:

My Son, peace. This morning I come to tell you that peace needs to be obtained through prayer and forgiveness. I have come from Heaven to tell you that your conversion is urgent for God. My children, God has called each of you by name. You belong to God. Strive to be of God alone. Abandon idolatry. Many have put God in the background. My children, I am here and I embrace every child [person] who visits this sanctuary of mine. It is necessary to come here with a repentant heart. My children, allow divine grace to fill your hearts. Entrust yourselves to my Son Jesus. He is the true way to be followed. Fight, my children, against Satan’s traps. Pray. You are all precious to God. Give yourselves completely to God without reservation. Pray, my children. Praise God for the gift of life. God is life. Do not seek death. Do not seek to end life, whether through suicide, abortion, drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc. Love life. Jesus is life. My children, you need to be prepared for when God calls you. You should not be afraid of death, but you need to be prepared for when He calls you. My children, love the cross that God gives you to carry. Do not be afraid, draw near to God’s grace. I am the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray. With love I bless you.
Message from the Virgin Mary to Eduardo Ferreira, May 12, 2024, in Sao José dos Pinhais (Brazil):
Peace! Dear children, on this day, I invite you to pray for peace in your hearts. Pray also for the priests. It would be so beautiful if the Church [Church authorities] had been here [at the apparition site] from the beginning to the end, to record the wonders that my Divine Son is accomplishing. These are graces which many faithful are missing out on, waiting for the Church to decide. Pray, my children. Do not let this grace slip away in your lives. I come to this city to bring you to my beloved Son Jesus. Pray for the priests, pray for the bishops of this nation [Brazil]. Your prayers are very important to God’s plans in this country. Remember: I am here to form a large family of prayer. I would be very happy for my chosen sons, the priests, to help the faithful to have holier lives, lives of prayer, lives turned to God. But for this to happen it is necessary for you, my children, to start praying for the priests. Pray gladly, pray with trust. Love the priests – pray for them. I am the Rosa Mystica, the Mother of the Church. I bless you with love.

Message from the Virgin Mary to Eduardo Ferreira, May 13, 2024:

My children, today I invite you to pray for peace. I wish peace for all of you. On this day of prayer, I also invite you to pray for the Church. Pray for my sons, the priests. Children, do not lose heart. I repeat, confronted with difficulties, pray! Pray in the family that there may be dialogue in your homes. Respect each other, love your neighbor. I am your Mother and I come to stay among you. Put into practice the requests I have made here. God calls you by name; open your hearts. I have called each one of you to this sanctuary; I am happy when I see my children close to me. I bless you with love.

Message from the Virgin Mary to Eduardo Ferreira, June 12, 2024:

Peace, my children! I come from heaven to be near you. I am here, and I want to show you the only true path to follow: Jesus! I see that many are straying from the true path. Caution! My children, if you truly live my messages, you will not be confused in the face of so much injustice and persecution. This is a time of prayer, it is a time of grace. My children, seek conversion. Always pray. Pray for inner peace. I am the Rosa Mystica, Queen of Peace. With love, I bless you.

Message from the Virgin Mary to Eduardo Ferreira, June 13, 2024:

Peace, my children. Today I invite you once again to pray for my favored sons, the priests. I am here and I insist that you pray much for the Church of my Divine Son Jesus. I have already revealed in many messages in the past that there will be much persecution inside and outside the Church. Know, my children, that this persecution has already begun. You must redouble your prayers. Just like [me], the Mystical Rose, you must pray, you must do penance and also make small sacrifices for my sons the priests. Do not be afraid: I am your Mother and I am near to you. Always consecrate your families to my care. On this day, I also invite you to pray for my children in Asia. Pray, pray, my children. Whatever you give with love will return double to you. With love I bless you.

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